10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services

Best sales and marketing resume writing services
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As a sales and marketing expert, you should know how vital it is to present yourself to employers, and most importantly, to clients. Just like when you’re marketing your products and services, your job application also needs an elevator pitch for you to spark the hiring manager’s interest. In your case, you can pull this off through a well-written sales and marketing resume. Want to secure a job interview? Leave your resume writing to the experts! From thousands of professional resume writing services in the United States, 10 Best Resume Writers narrowed down your choices to the 10 best sales and marketing resume writing service firms in 2021.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 4% growth in the overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers from 2019 to 2029. This is much faster than the average for all jobs. With this job outlook, is your resume at par with other job hunters’? Worry no more! Check out our in-depth review of the 10 best sales and marketing resume writing services and see which company best suits your needs.

The 10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services in 2021

Wondering how these firms made it into our list? What makes them stand out from the pack? Read on and know their perks and fails through our detailed review.


1. Resume Professional Writers

Screenshot of Resume Professional Writers Homepage for Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

Standing firm for almost 20 years now, Resume Professional Writers has been providing topnotch resume services to thousands of clients in over 70 industries, including the sales and marketing fields. Their 96% annual satisfaction rating is a result of decades of expertise of their certified professional resume writers and career coaches.

Now with its faster turnaround time and interview-guarantee promise, this company is truly committed to customer satisfaction. Aside from resume writing services, this firm also offers CV writing, federal resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, job posting, and many more. Furthermore, Resume Professional Writers offers free resume review to help clients gear their resumes toward their target jobs.

What’s exceptional about their services is their exclusive privileges. These include unlimited revisions, free lifetime document storage, and free future resume update. That’s a good steal!

What else? Applicant tracking systems (ATS)-friendly resumes—delivered fast, affordable, and in high quality. Despite these great deals, their weekends off might still turn some clients off, let alone those who urgently need their resume.

Perks: As one of the most sought-after resume writing service providers, Resume Professional Writers stepped up the competition a notch higher with its turnaround time of 1 business day. In just 24 hours, you will get high-quality sales and marketing resumes at a very affordable price.

Fails: If you urgently need your resume on weekends, this firm might fail you due to their weekends off.

Delivery Time: This firm takes pride in having the fastest turnaround time in the business. With its Basic package, you’ll get your resume after four (4) business days; Deluxe package after three (3) business day; and Premium package after two (2) business day. As for Ultimate package, your resume will be delivered within one (1) business day.

Price Range: Starts at $125 for the Basic Package

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.5/5 Trustpilot

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Resume Professional Writers Reviews (Trustpilot)

2. Resume Prime

Screenshot of Resume Prime's homepage for Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

As a top provider of diverse resume writing services, Resume Prime delivers quality outputs especially on their sales and marketing resume writing services. From students to executives, this company delivers tailor-made resumes written by highly trained writers in just three (3) business days. Likewise, their rush resume writing service caters to clients who need their resume within 48 hours.

With their clients’ satisfaction in mind, this firm is more than willing to revise the resume until the client is fully satisfied. What’s more interesting is that clients can choose from dozens of add-ons. Biography? Essay? Annotated Portfolio Writing? They’ve got you covered!

Perks: Resume Prime provides tailored resume services and packages to diverse client types. Each package has a unique description to further help clients decide on which service to hire. Aside from this, their other job tools make them stand out in this business.

Fails: Though experts at crafting unique and tailored resumes, they can deliver the product only after 3 business days. So, if you’re in a hurry, pick other resume firms instead. There are services that can deliver within 24 hours.

Delivery Time: Expect quality sales and marketing resume delivered in three (3) business days.

Price Range: The packages range from $190 for Starter to $330 for Federal. Clearly, these are great deals for a first-rate company.

Contact: 1 (888) 846-9272

Reviews: 3.7/5 on Trustpilot

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Resume Prime Review (Trustpilot)

3. Inside Recruiter

Screenshot of Inside Recruiter Homepage for Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

Inside Recruiter offers resume writing and consulting services to clients around the United States. Their mission? To provide thorough and consultative services to customers. Hence, to meet this, they give each client not one, but two resume writing experts. Their professional resume writers have a background in recruiting; thus they create resumes appealing to the clients’ employers.

Since this firm commits to creating customized resumes, they provide a 30- to 60-minute phone consultation to further discuss and clarify the career goals of each client. So, if you want to double-check the credibility of the best sales and marketing resume writing services, Inside Recruiter is for you.

The downside, however, is their turnaround time of 10 to 14 days. This might not be for clients who opt not to pay the expedite option fees. They charge $50 if you want to get your resume after 7 days, and $100 after 3 days.

Perks: Apart from 2 experts working on your resume, you also have a chance to clarify your goals with their phone consultations. With hundreds of good customer reviews online, you’ll see their clients are satisfied with their sales and marketing resume writing service.

Fails: If you want to collaborate with 2 resume experts but you’re in a tight budget and you want to receive your resume the soonest, Inside Recruiter may not the best firm for you. If you decide not to pay the expedite fees, your resume will be delivered after 10 to 14 days.

Delivery Time: Receive your sales and marketing resume after 10 to 14 business days. Their shortest turnaround time is 3 business days (with an additional fee of $100).

Price Range: Their Early Career package costs $89 and Executives package costs $345. This is quite affordable compared to other resume services!

Contact: 424-258-0991

Reviews: 5 stars on Yelp

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Insider Recruiter Review (Yelp)

4. Resume Valley

Screenshot of Resume Valley Homepage for Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

As one of the leading resume service firms in the market, Resume Valley offers high-quality services at a very competitive price. How competitive? $99 for a civilian resume!

If you don’t know which package to choose, you may call them and get a free consultation. Furthermore, their professional resume writers create career-targeted and skills-focused outputs tailored to their clients’ job search needs. They promise to deliver simple, straightforward, and effective job tools.

Though they regularly train their staff, their services only include resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile writing services.

Perks: Resume Valley’s resume packages are among the cheapest out there. Yet, they ensure to deliver high-quality service to customers.

Fails: Their promises are not backed up by customer reviews. Once they addressed this and have their clients give honest feedback on their services, then they could still climb up this list of the best sales and marketing resume writing services!

Delivery Time: If you opt to hire cheap services and you’re not in a hurry, choose Resume Valley. Their 5-business day lead time is perfect for you!

Price Range: Get your civilian resume or CV for only $99! Isn’t that a good deal? Want to have your own LinkedIn profile? Have yours for only $69.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 4.0/5 Trustpilot

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Resume Valley Review (TrustPilot)

5. Ryno Resumes

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Ryno Resumes Hero Section

With a team of US-based certified resume writers, Ryno Resumes offers the best resume and LinkedIn writing services for sales and marketing experts. Their team of writers customizes resumes depending on the client’s case. Though they promise ATS-friendly resumes, Ryno Resumes offers packages for all job levels that are a bit costly compared to other resume writing firms.

Since 2014, Ryno Resumes has helped clients around the globe with their packages. They take pride in their 60-day promise, where they commit to delivering job application tools that you can confidently submit to your employers.

Ryno Resumes also said in their website that 99.9% of their clients from diverse industries, including sales and marketing fields, land more interviews within 30 to 45 days. Now, that’s enticing!

Perks: Since their team of US-based certified writers has experience in multiple industries, Ryno Resumes is confident they could give clients optimized and ATS-friendly resumes.

Fails: Their claim that 99.99% of their clients get more interviews lacks evidence on customer reviews. Also, the resume packages are a bit pricey.

Delivery Time: They will deliver your resume after 1 to 2 weeks.

Price Range: Resume package for emerging job hunters costs $279, $400 for established pros, and $799 for seasoned ones. They also have service for returning experts which costs $200.

Contact: +1 (314) 814 6323

Reviews: 5/5 on Facebook
10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Ryno Resumes Review (Facebook)


6. Resume4Dummies

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Resume4Dummies Hero Section

Over the years, Resume4Dummies has committed to providing topnotch services to its clients, making them one of the in-demand resume writing service firms today.

With clients as their top priority, this firm offers limited resume services which are carefully prepared by their highly trained resume writers. They offer resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile optimization services only.

Despite that, they still make up on this shortfall with their very affordable services, which they promise to deliver after 4 business days! What’s more impressive is their free resume templates cover almost all industries and all jobs.

Their expertise is also evident on their free resume builder, complete with visually appealing templates. Try them out!

Perks: At a very cheap price, Resume4Dummies can deliver keyword-filled and custom resumes to its clients. They boast of a free resume builder with tens of thousands of resume templates to its site visitors.

Fails: They still have limited sales and marketing resume writing services. With their cheap prices, we hope they will add more services soon.

Delivery Time: Receive your resume, cover letter, and optimized LinkedIn profile after 4 business days.

Price Range: Services cost from $50 to $130. Now that’s cheap!

Contact: 1-510-740-4155

Reviews: 3.7/5 on Trustpilot

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Services: Resume4Dummies Review (TrustPilot)

7. Resume to Referral

10 Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service: Resume to Referral Hero Section

Specializing in resume writing for sales and marketing job seekers, Resume to Referral aims to reflect the client’s true value to their target employers. This company is helmed by Teena Rose, their sole resume writer.

Even though this firm is already an expert in writing resumes that appeal to two audiences (ATS and HR managers), the client’s need to request for a quote is still a hassle.

This firm also promises to help clients receive five times more job interviews and job offers. Five times is such a big number! Yet, this claim should be supported by good customer feedback from credible review sites—which they don’t have.

Perks: Their writer creates resumes which cater to two audiences (ATS and HR managers) and get five times more job interviews and offers.

Fails: Their claim is not supported by customer reviews from credible and known sources. Also, this firm may have a problem accommodating several clients due to its limited number of resume writers.

Delivery Time: N/A

Price Range: You need to request a quote before knowing the price.

Contact: (937) 325-2149

Reviews: N/A


8. Revered Resumes

Screenshot of Revered Resumes Homepage for Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

Since 2009, Revered Resumes has been providing one of the best sales and marketing resume writing services in the market. Saying that all of their writers hold CPRW, CARW and other internationally recognized certifications further support their claim that 99.9% of their clients land more interviews in just 30 to 45 days.

For a very competitive price, this firm can deliver your sales and marketing resume within 3 to 5 business days. Their business runs during weekdays, 9 AM to 5 PM, which may not be good news to those who need a resume on weekends. The downside: they offer only 3 rounds of edits for the unsatisfied customers.

Perks: All of their writers hold CPRW, CARW, and other strong credentials!

Fails: Since their resume writers are experts, you get only 3 rounds of edits. But what if you’re not satisfied with the final copy?

Delivery Time: Get your sales and marketing resume after 3 to 5 days!

Price Range: Price starts at $200; the priciest service costs $350. It’s a deal price, indeed!

Contact: 800-510-4885

Reviews: 4.4/5 Trustpilot
TrustPilot Review of Revered Resumes' Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service


9. Resume Scripter

Hero section of Resume Scripter which is one of the best sales and marketing resume writing service companies

Although relatively new to the industry, Resume Scripter offers high-quality resume packages to job seekers in the sales and marketing fields. These include entry-level, mid-level, and specialized resume packages. Do you want to boost your confidence for your foreseen interview? Hire their coaching services, too!

The website alone: modern, responsive, and pleasing to the eyes. Are you critical when it comes to the site’s user experience? You will love their site!
Also, if you’re looking for low-priced resume writing firm, this one is not for you. However, clients who want a resume alone may check out their a la carte packages.

Perks: Aside from quality resume, you can also hire coaching services. This is among the most user-friendly websites. It’s so pleasing to the eyes, you don’t want to go to another resume writing services sites.

Fails: If you are trying to look for services with low-priced services but of high quality, then Resume Scripter is not for you.

Delivery Time: N/A

Price Range: Cheapest package costs $425. Want a la carte services? Hire their resume writing service for only $250!

Contact: [email protected]

Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars (Yelp)

Yelp Review of Resume Scripter Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

10. Resume Target

Screenshot of Resume Target Homepage for Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service

With their promise that their resumes would win clients a job interview, Resume Target commits to building sales and marketing resumes worthy of callbacks. In fact, 97% of their clients get multiple job interviews in the first 60 days after submitting their resume!

Resume Target pledges that if they fail to give clients a job interview within 90 days, they will rewrite the resume until clients are satisfied. While their packages are pricey, they contain great inclusions clients can use for their resumes.

Perks: Resume packages are targeted at each job level and have great inclusions. Their resume experts claim to be true HR professionals, so your resume will be written through the eyes of recruiters. What’s better? They guarantee you’ll get interviewed within the first 90 days of using your new resume!

Fails: Aside from their resume packages being pricey, they don’t have reviews on trusted customer review sites, to confirm their claims.

Delivery Time: They will send your first draft after 3 business days.

Price Range: Price starts at $199.95 to $1049.95


Reviews: 4.6/5 on Facebook
Facebook Review of Resume Target Sales Resume Service

Choose the Best Sales and Marketing Resume Writing Service Company for You This 2021

Before you hire a sales and marketing resume writing service, consider your needs first. As a job seeker, you have the right to decide whether you want to hire a resume writing company or create your own. Once you’re set, review the list above to help you make a smart decision. Take note, you are investing in your future by hiring an expert to write your resume, so make it count.

As we present the best sales and marketing resume writing service companies in 2021, we hope that you make a wise choice that will be worth your time and money. Use our list of top resume writing services to guide you in making a crucial step toward your career goals. Get started with your job search today!

Do you want to know how we came up with this list? Check out our resume review basis and review disclaimer.