10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024

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The economic downturn and closing might have affected many industries, but despite those struggling industries, the medical field remained at the competitive advantage. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects about 1.9 million new healthcare jobs by 2028. This 14% job growth is much faster than the average for all occupations. With this progress, employers will surely look for the most qualified medical workers who’ll take care of their clients and help their business grow.

If you have written your own resume, you might change your mind once you have read the advantages of hiring the expert writers from the best medical resume writing services. To give you insights, we listed the 10 best medical resume writing services firms you can hire to kick-start your career in 2024.

10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services Firms

The resume writing business has grown throughout the years. The competition is on the rise among firms vying to be the best medical resume writing services provider. And this involves acing different writing standards and focus such as style, formatting, readability, and compatibility with ATS algorithms.

On the other hand, candidates for this industry have to embrace healthcare trends to stay relevant in the coming years. If you are looking for a well-paid and sustainable job in the medical sector, then state the reasons you are qualified. You may be an expert in providing patient care and managing treatment plans. Remember, the medical sector is an extensive field with diverse job titles, and you must tailor your resume for a specific position. You need an interesting healthcare resume or CV to impress hiring managers and stand out among your rivals.

Although you’ll find thousands of resume writing firms, only a few of them focus on medical resume writing. Thus, to save you from thinking which resume writing service you should choose, here’s a wrap-up of the top 10 best medical resume writing services you can hire.


1. ResuMeds

Best Medical Resume Writing Service Firm – ResuMeds Header

This new and rising resume writing firm tops the list of the best medical resume writing services due to its credibility to write a medical resume. ResuMeds understands not only the language of the field, but also their clients.

The story behind this firm? A group of resume experts decided to build a resume writing firm for medical and healthcare staff. Their goal is to help health professionals elevate their careers. In addition, being one of the best medical resume writing services also involves catering to graduate and medical school applications.

Unlike other firms on this list, ResuMeds offers services for professionals providing health care. These include medical resume and CV service packages, especially made for every job level and specialization in the health care. They also provide other job search tools that you can purchase separately.

With combined years of experience from its founders, you can expect nothing but high-quality job search essentials and customer support from one of the best medical resume writing services. You should give this firm a try because of their field expertise plus reasonable rates.

Perks: ResuMeds specializes in resumes and CV for medical and healthcare job seekers. Their resume examples provide a glimpse of their field expertise. 

Fails: ResuMeds looks fairly new and they only have two to three resume writing packages and five add-on services to choose from. Though they don’t have bad reviews as of yet, they should work on giving clients options such as additional thank you letter. 

Delivery Time: You can receive your initial draft in three (3) business days for resumes and five (5) business days for the medical CV. How’s that for one of the Not bad for one of the best medical resume writing services?

Price Range: ResuMeds’ medical resume service packages ranging from $100 to $190 while their medical CV service packages ranging from $130 to $225.

Contact: ResuMeds would like to hear from their clients through a submission form or call 1.424.571.5751

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Trustpilot

trustpilot review of resumeds listed as one of the best medical resume writing services
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 1

2. Resume Professional Writers

RPW listed as one of the best medical resume writing services
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 2

Resume Professional Writers earned the second spot for offering quality medical resume writing service. Since it caters to various career fields, it’s not surprising it specializes in healthcare resumes, too. Moreover, they offer resume and CV writing for applications for medical school.

The company claims to have mastered the art of writing unique and effective resumes, passing the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). With an annual satisfaction rating of 96%, their competence speaks of why their clients got interviews.

As one of the best medical resume writing services, Resume Professional Writers leaves no room for errors and offers free resume review to help job seekers on what to improve. Their service lets you work with a writer with medical industry experience. Furthermore, the company maintains a robust social media presence, so reaching them for inquiries and assistance is easier. Thus, you need not stress yourself about the result of your resume. Its skilled resume writers and career pros will help you leverage your job hunt. Step up your game with an interview-guaranteed medical resume.

Perks: Aside from the fast turnaround time, modest deal rates, and expert writers, it gives excellent customer support. You’ll get updates from them regarding the details of your resume as well as expiration notice. In addition, it has remained steadfast in improving the quality of its products.

Fails: With such a quick delivery time, you have more chances to review the output. However, it doesn’t deliver on weekends and holidays. So, if you’re in a rush, better order early.

Delivery Time: What’s notable about Resume Professional Writers is the quick delivery of your resume draft. In one (1) to two (2) business days, you’ll get the first draft giving you enough time to check the specifics.

Price Range: You may think a quick turnaround time will cost more than those who deliver in weeks. With this company, you can get a quality resume for as low as $125! Think about it: As one of the best medical resume writing services, that’s an interview-guaranteed, keyword-rich, and a professional resume. If you want a customized cover letter and thank you letter along with your resume package, avail it for $195! Save $70.


Operating Hours:
6:00 AM – 12:00 MN PST
Monday to Friday

Business Address:
21515 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance, CA 90503

Contact Information:
1 (877) 285-5492

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Facebook; 4.6/5 on Trustpilot; 9 reviews on Sitejabber; 4.3 on Google Business Profile; 4.8/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

trustpilot review of RPW
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 3

3. Resume Prime

resume prime homepage
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 4

Next on our list is Resume Prime, which has been in the industry of professional resume writing since 2008. It vows to bring premier resume writing services that serve mostly professionals.

From entry-level to C-level job seekers, Resume Prime offers affordable yet top-rated job tools. Are you looking for the best medical resume writing services to help you write your own resume? Resume Prime has plenty of samples for you!

With its broad range of resume samples, you’ll have a clearer idea of why this company earned the third spot on our list of the 10 best medical resume writing services: The writers of Resume Prime are from various industries, and the medical field is one of them. Hence, there’s no need to worry about working with a resume writer who has no medical knowledge.

Aside from the top-notch resume outputs, Resume Prime has an outstanding and client-centric customer care support. This one’s a plus when dealing with a lot of professionals.

Perks: Resume Prime has excellent testimonials posted on its website. It brings superior quality and effective resume writing services, yet comes with competitive pricing. Who wouldn’t love a tailored resume that guarantees you to land your dream job? Indeed, this is one of the best medical resume writing services. 

Fails: With limited third-party reviews, Resume Prime might want to encourage its clients to leave a review. This can help build better brand credibility. In the same way, this can sway more potential job seekers, who need the best physician resume services, to purchase their resume services.

Delivery Time: This resume writing firm can send you the initial draft in three (3) business days. While it’s not as fast as the top spot, it guarantees you’ll get the best version of your medical resume.

Price Range: The rates range from $190 to $230. If you want a LinkedIn profile optimization, with $300 you’ll get a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. 

Resume Prime believes that you deserve better job opportunities and even better job search tools. So, no matter where you are in your career, Resume Prime will help you.

Contact: 734 619 1258

Reviews: 4.6/5 on Best 10 Resume Writers; 3.6/5 on Trustpilot

Trustpilot review of Resume Prime's satisfied customer

4. 1-Day Resume

 1Day Resume Header with three professionals in office attire
Best medical resume writing services: 1-Day Resume

1-Day Resume has helped tens of thousands of job hunters secure the high-paying jobs they want. The company takes pride in its years of broad research to create unique and impressive resumes, serving various industries. 

This firm knows how to play with keywords and tailors an ATS-ready resume for you. With its expert writers, you’ll get a resume that will show your skills and qualifications. Its goal is to market your skills and make you the best candidate for the position. Hence, your resume won’t become a generic one but a unique and tailored tool that will highlight your skills.

So, why did 1-Day Resume land the fourth spot on our list of the best medical resume writing services? It’s because this firm has kept the quality of its resume services through years of combined experience in resume writing and job search coaching.

Besides, the service offers a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee. Not every resume writing firm can confidently endorse its work and put its brand on the line. Hence, you can entrust your career to this firm.

Delivery Time: Upon consultation.

Price Range: Upon email consultation.


Call 865-691-3796

Email [email protected]

Reviews: 5/5 on Facebook

 Facebook review from 1Day Resume client

5. ReadyHireMedicalResumes

best medical resume writing services - ReadyHireMedicalResumes’ banner with a member of a medical team as one of the best medical resume writing services

We’re halfway there and for our fifth spot, we have ReadyHireMedicalResumes. For more than 25 years in the resume writing services, they have mastered how to get clients to fit the position they desire. Its resume writers will give you a high-level service and cater to what your potential employer needs. 

Each medical resume brims with first-rate quality and represents your qualifications. Through phone calls, the dedicated resume writers will get all the details they need to write your resume. Then, expect to work with them every step of the way to ensure the accuracy of your tool.

Its years of experience in healthcare resume writing is no joke. In fact, the company has ranked among the best medical resume writing services by establishing a senior executive resume writing team to ensure the highest level of success not only of your resume but also of your career progress.

So, you’re not only working with a resume writer but a career coach, motivator, and counselor, too! Their all-in-one procedure helps you leverage your career and land the perfect medical job you want.

Perks: Since the method of gathering data may be complex, it will simplify the procedure for you. This lets you and the company minimize the time to process and maximize the results.

Fails: You won’t find all the information you need on its website. You’ll learn the delivery and the price range upon consultation. It’s best if its website can show visitors these pieces of information.

Delivery Time: Upon consultation, but the delivery is in a few days and subject to your demand.

Price Range: Upon consultation.

Contact: 800-730-3244


Testimonial from a cardio/thoracic surgeon for quality medical resume writing service

6. Resume Valley

resume valley homepage
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 5

Known for its affordable yet high-quality resume writing services, Resume Valley lands on the sixth spot. Who would have thought you could move a step ahead of everyone else starting at $99?

Resume Valley offers various services such as civilian and federal resume writing, curriculum vitae writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and other job search tools. However, you can ask them to write you an affordable resume for healthcare professionals—a testament to the firm providing one of the best medical resume writing services today. No need to worry because you can get a free consultation with them on where you want your career to go.

Unlike other resume writing firms, Resume Valley will give you the edge of a unique and tailored resume. It also has a committed and fully equipped team that will work with you until you’re satisfied with your copy.

To sway you more, the firm has posted resume examples on its website. If you want to check the resumes that brought amazing career results to its clients, visit its website.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to boost your career, Resume Valley has your needs covered!

Perks: Simple, direct, and fuss-free website. It’s very easy to navigate and the details you need are all available. Grab the chance to boost your search and land the job you want in the medical industry with this service.

Fails: Since the firm only offers limited services, it can lose potential clients. It must include other services and build a stronger online presence. Recently, due to circumstances, Resume Valley has limited staff. With that, they are not available during weekends. However, all communication can still go through emails, dashboards, and chats.

Delivery Time: Resume Valley delivers in five (5) business days. So, if you’re not in a hurry and want a reliable yet low-priced resume, hire this firm.

Price Range: To think it’s one of the best medical resume writing services, a starting rate of $99 is bargain to have your resume written. Further, you can order various job tools from cover letter, thank-you letter, to effective follow–up letter.

Contact: 1 (877) 780 – 7377

Reviews: 3.6/5 on Trustpilot; 4.4/5 on Best10ResumeWriters

trustpilot review of resume valley listed as one of the best medical resume writing services
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 6

7. Pro Healthcare Resumes

Pro Healthcare Resumes hero section
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 7

Pro Healthcare Resumes has established itself as one of the most reliable resume writing services in the healthcare industry, with over 10,000 resumes written and a 99% client satisfaction rate.

JR Hindman, the company’s founder and sole writer, has worked with a wide range of healthcare and nursing experts. In fact, he has written multiple pieces regarding resume writing, which has led to his writing style becoming widely recognized.

If you are looking for a unique approach in your healthcare resume and make it more presentable, have your resume written by Pro Healthcare Resumes team. The process is simple and easy. Just send them your information or request a resume building questionnaire. You can also contact them for a free consultation.

Perks:  They offer one of the most affordable medical resume services. As a niche market, this resume writing service provider is a good investment for healthcare job seekers on a budget.

Fails: Unlike its competitors, Pro Healthcare Resumes does not offer resume revisions.

Delivery Time: Pro Healthcare Resumes can send your initial draft of your resume within 24 to 48 hours.

Price Range: For only $95, you can avail their Pro Resume Package; for $125 their Healthcare Resume Package comes with a LinkedIn profile writing service. With this package pricing, they are one of the cheapest resume services on this list.

Contact: Email: [email protected]

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Trustpilot

trustpilot review of Pro Healthcare Resumes
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 8

8. JobStars USA

jobstarts usa hero section
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 9

On our top eight of the best medical resume writing services, JobStars USA gained popularity due to their personalized approach and message resonating with their clients’ intent. This firm will surely align your goals and then capture the tone you want in your resume. The output you’ll receive is a resume that reflects your best assets.

Further, it offers three packages and covers all industries. So, if you’re looking for a physician resume writing service or a resume writer for doctors, give this firm a try. JobStars USA follows an effective data gathering process. The team makes sure to work closely with you throughout the process to maintain the quality of your resume.

Just like Resume4Dummies, this service offers not only resume writing. It also serves as a career success portal that provides resume distribution, interview prep, job search tips, and career change help.

So, if you’re lost in your career or wanting to land a job in the medical field, JobStars USA can definitely help you!

Perks: If you want an organized job hunt, you can take advantage of this company’s free tool, the job search organizer. You can make better choices and track your progress.

Fails: The procedure takes a long time and the price range is high.

Delivery Time: Right after the intake process, you’ll receive the first draft after five (5) business days. The writing process lasts from ten (10) to thirty (30) business days in all. Otherwise, if you’re in a hurry, go for the rush service.

Price Range: $450 to $1,450. With the three available packages, expect a costly rate. However, it assures you you’re getting a great investment for your career.

Contact: 1-888-307-0010

Email: [email protected]

Reviews: 5/5 on Yelp

yelp review of jobstar usa listed as one of the best medical resume writing services
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 10

9. Skillroads

Screenshot of skillroads logo with a robot holding contract and resume for one of the best medical resume writing services

Listed on our top 9 is Skillroads. If you are thinking about it as least of the choices, then you are mistaken. This resume writing service firm is reliable and equipped with expert writers to help you find the perfect job. Aside from that, they almost offer all that a job seeker like you will search for. 

Like Resume Professional Writers and Resume4Dummies, Skillroads knows the trends when it comes to AI-powered hiring process, making them one of the most sought-after and best medical resume writing services out there today. They will let you check your resume using an AI resume generator and resume maker for free. 

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an executive looking for a job in the medical field, Skillroads is the firm for you! You will be assigned to an expert writer; committed and qualified in writing your resume. All you need to do is detail your job history, discuss your specifics, and Skillroads writers will do the rest.

If you have questions on the process, you can ask them. It has a resume preparation service ready to help you with your concerns. The service has one of the most amazing and genuine customer care support.

Perks: This firm is one of the most low-priced yet expert in resume writing. Its website is easy to navigate and you can easily figure out what you’ll buy. Not bad for one of the best medical resume writing services.

Fails: Its website needs to explain what comes with the package.

Delivery Time: They are flexible when it comes to delivery. You can opt to get your resume in 24 to 48 hours or three (3)  to five (5) business days.

Price Range: $89-$194. Skillroads can be one of the cheapest resume writing services out there. You can add other services to your package, too. Not bad for one of the best medical resume writing services!

Contact: 1 917 900 1189

Reviews: 4.5/5 on Truspilot

skillsroad trustpilot review
10 Best Medical Resume Writing Services to Hire in 2024 11

 10. Resume Target

Resume Target Header executive man whose hands are in his pocket
Best medical resume writing services: Resume Target

Last but not the least on our list of the 10 best medical resume writing services is Resume Target. For over 15 years, this firm has helped thousands of job hunters land their dream jobs. This top-rated professional resume writing service is in North America and vows to give clients quality resumes.

Resume Target is a resume writing machine that knows what employers are looking for and goes beyond miles to help you.

Like other resume firms, you get to talk with your resume writer through phone calls. Forgot to ask some details? You can shoot them a message or call them again.

Once satisfied with your newly crafted resume, Resume Target can also distribute them for you! So, if you don’t know where to start in the medical field, its resume experts can help you.

Perks: If you’re unsure, you can take advantage of its free resume review! In one business day, someone will call you and give you honest feedback.

Fails: Are you in a hurry and need your resume sooner? Sorry, but it doesn’t offer rush services yet.

Delivery Time: It guarantees to send you the initial draft in three business days.

Price Range: $199.95-$849.95. The firm has three packages for each career level: Basic, Advanced, and Premium. The prices vary to your career level.

Contact: 1-866-472-4760

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 on Facebook

Screenshot of a client review on facebook about the medical resume services of Resume Target

Hire the Best Medical Resume Writing Services Today!

To ensure career success, you must make a good investment. Hence, hiring a credible resume writer will leverage your job search. Besides, finding the best medical resume writing services among thousands of firms can be tiring.

No need to waste your precious time! Step up your job-hunting journey and market your skills right. Our team of qualified resume reviewers, editors, and career experts is deeply committed to bringing honest reviews for you. Get started today! If you are in need of resume writing tips, we have plenty of resume advice for you.