Comprehensive Review of Top 10 Resume Writing Services

Comprehensive review of top resume writing services
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The growing number of job seekers and employers don’t see eye-to-eye since in today’s job market, the hiring process has changed. This is a reminder that if you’re in a job search, you need to tailor your search efforts to what employers are looking for.

Look back at how you’ve marketed yourself. Are you relating your experience to employers’ point of view? If the answer is no, then hiring one of the top resume writing services is your chance to specify your best skills. Using a professional resume writing service is the solution.

The service will assist you to figure out your career path. Also, those career experts will put your best foot forward for you to make it through the HR candidate filtering software. Most importantly, you’ll get best online resumes that show off your skills and experience in the most compelling light. To save you from the hassle of making a choice, we’ve reviewed the top resume writing services to hire. Here are our top picks.

Top Resume Writing Services Firms


1. Resume Professional Writers

Resume writer telling job seekers that their dream job is about to take off

For over 20 years, Resume Professional Writers has consistently delivered on what they promise. Keeping the best interests of their clients in mind, their resume writing standards will get every job seeker looking for better job opportunities—whether an entry-level job seeker, seasoned professional, career changer, or an executive—hired.

In every business, customer service is key to success more than the sales generated. No company will stay in business for years if they have a bad reputation. That said, Resume Professional Writers values customer loyalty and satisfaction. With an impressive 96% annual satisfaction rating, they have earned an established client base comprised of a growing number of returning clients, referrals, and new customers.

For a job seeker, writing down accomplishments is a burden and consumes a lot of time. In this case, certified resume specialists from this firm know how to align a client’s qualifications with a vast database of job prospects. It is essential to check if a resume writing services firm has expert writers producing  resumes that are relevant to the job. Moreover, their writers can showcase your unique skills and experiences which will also pass the ATS algorithm.

Working with Resume Professional Writers

Perks: Expert writers will use your information to create a personalized resume draft within the turnaround time indicated in your selected package. Once you’ve received the initial draft, you can review the draft and request any changes. When you are satisfied and want to finalize, you’ll receive your resume in PDF and Word.

Aside from the resume writing service that they provide, your documents are safe with them. Included in the package inclusions is a lifetime storage. This service is perfect for situations when you need a backup file for submission or update. If you want your resume to be posted to the top 25 job boards across the state, Resume Professional Writers can do it for you. It will save you the hassle and give you time to prepare for interviews. In addition to these, they offer a free resume review to help clients improve their job application tool.

Fails: With such a quick delivery time, you have more chances to review the output. However, it doesn’t deliver on weekends and holidays. So, if you’re in a rush, better order early.

Delivery Time: What’s notable about Resume Professional Writers is the quick delivery of your resume draft. In one (1) to two (2) business days, you’ll get the first draft giving you enough time to check the specifics.

Price Range: You may think a quick turnaround time will cost more than those who deliver in weeks. With this company, you can get a quality resume for as low as $125! That’s an interview-guaranteed, keyword-rich, and professional resume. If you want a customized cover letter and thank you letter along with your resume package, avail it for $195! Save $70.

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.7/5 on Trustpilot

Best resume writing services firm review

2. Resume Prime

screenshot of resume prime homepage

Are you one of the professionals who have taken a look at both short- and long-term career goals? Is updating your resume one of them? Actual goals are steps to reach a better end result. In line with this, Resume Prime will direct your career goals down to the necessary path and lead you where you want to be. They will write every detail from your objective to experience; your resume will get you the job.

Once you’ve decided upon your career plans, Resume Prime will craft a perfect application for you. Looking for an executive position, they got you covered. From resume writing to LinkedIn profile updates, they will meet all your needs. If selling yourself is not your strength, then you might want to turn to a resume writing service to help you stand out.

With their customer-oriented service, Resume Prime will get you in touch with their writers as you are moving through each step. The firm also offers resume writing for a wide array of industries. There are for student and entry-level, professional and mid-career, executive, and federal and military.

Working with Resume Prime

Perks: Resume Prime has excellent testimonials posted on its website. It brings superior quality and effective resume writing services, yet comes with competitive pricing. Who wouldn’t love a tailored resume with action verbs and skills section that guarantees passing the ATS algorithm?

Fails: With limited third-party reviews, Resume Prime might want to encourage its clients to leave a review. This can help build better brand credibility. In the same way, this can sway more potential job seekers, who need the best physician resume services, to purchase their resume services.

Delivery Time: This resume writing firm can send you the initial draft in three (3) business days. While it’s not as fast as the top spot, it guarantees you’ll get the best version of your resume with action verbs.

Price Range: The rates range from $190 to $230. If you want a LinkedIn profile optimization, with $300 you’ll get a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. Resume Prime believes that you deserve better job opportunities and even better job search tools. So, no matter where you are in your career, Resume Prime will help you.

Contact: 1 (888) 846-9272

4.6 out of 5 on Best 10 Resume Writers

resume prime Trustpilot review

3. Resume Valley

resume valley banner

This resume writing service firm makes the plan selection process fairly easy. When you visit their website, you will see three packages along with the descriptions and prices. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost your career, Resume Valley has your needs covered!

Resume Valley offers various services such as civilian and federal resume writing, curriculum vitae writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and other job search tools. Unsure of where to start your job search and career path? No need to worry because you can get a free consultation with them on where you want your career to go.

We chose Resume Valley as one of the top resume writing services because this firm makes it easy to decide which package is ideal for you based on where you are in your career. Resume Valley will refocus your skills and experiences in a different format. They will help you parse out the details in your online resume that illustrate why you’re the best fit for your target position.

Working with Resume Valley

Perks: Simple, direct, and fuss-free website. It’s very easy to navigate and the details you need are all available. Grab the chance to boost your search and land the job you want in any industry.

Fails: Since the firm only offers limited services, it can lose potential clients. It must include other services and build a stronger online presence. Recently, due to circumstances, Resume Valley has limited staff. With that, they are not available during weekends. However, all communication can still go through emails, dashboards, and chats.

Delivery Time: Resume Valley delivers within five (5) business days. So, if you’re not in a hurry and want a reliable yet low-priced resume, hire this firm.

Price Range: You can have your resume written starting at a rate of $99. Further, you can order various job tools from cover letter and thank-you letter, to an effective follow–up letter.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 7.6/10 on Trustpilot

Trustpilot review of Resume Valley as top resume writing services

4. Capstone Resume Services

Executives shaking their hands

If you choose Capstone, they offer one-on-one consultation. During the session, you can express your work contributions, future career goals, and professional brand. In case that you have an older version of your resume and you need a revamp, start the process by letting your writer understand more about you. Since you need an update, your resume needs to be refreshed to include your most recent position.

Starting at a price of $175, you will have your targeted and well-written resume for entry-level professionals with 3 years of experience or less. In today’s competitive job market, there is more than just getting yourself hired. The writers of Capstone Resume Services highlight your most marketable skills on resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. They are your one-stop career consultant and writer. When you work with them, you’ll have content in an ATS-friendly format.

If you’re looking for a job during the pandemic, you’re probably eager to get things back to normal. This resume writing service is a great choice because they also provide tips for job seekers.

Working with Capstone Resume Services

Perks: Capstone provides outplacement consultancy to both groups and individuals in the field of resume preparation and resume writing services. It is called the outplacement services for businesses of all sizes experiencing workforce changes. If you’re an entrepreneur in need of help in transitioning employees, this service is for you. They will assist with career tools and employment resources.

Fails: Despite their expertise in writing civilian resumes, writing for federal applications is not their greatest strength. As for the revision process of resumes, Capstone only offers 1 revision. However, they provide effective resume writing services to aid job hunters.

Delivery Time: It has a fairly quicker turnaround time than other companies. Most certified professional resume writers send outputs in five (5) to seven (7) business days. But Capstone Resume Services can deliver your resume in just 2 to 3 days! It only proves that its processing time is one of the fastest out there.

Price Range: For a starter, the price of $149 is worth the try. If you need an academic CV, you’ll have for just $249. For federal applicants, no need to worry because paying $249 is worth the penny.

Contact: (650) 445-5301

Reviews: 4 stars on Best 10 Resume Reviews

Review of Capstone Resumes

5. Resume4Dummies

A resume and laptop for resume4dummies banner

Even if you are the most qualified applicant, you can’t get passed over for positions due to a poorly written or keyword-poor resume. At this level, having the right resources matters. Resume4Dummies is the perfect portal for resume writing, careers, and other topics related to them. They can also serve as the best resume builder for you. They can consolidate broad ideas that are difficult to digest into manageable pieces of easy-to-search keywords.

From career advice to job interview tips, this firm has plenty of materials. Read their blogs to keep you updated with the latest trends. What made Resume4Dummies on the list of top resume writing services is their strong and rich database. Job seekers can have access to helpful resume templates and more. They’ve got everything you need in order for your career to flourish and thrive.

Working with Resume4Dummies

Perks: If you’re lost in your job search journey, you’ll love Resume4Dummies. It offers a free resume builder, resume examples, career tips, and resume writing advice.

Fails: The firm has very few reviews. If it wants to build a credible image, it must urge clients to leave a review.

Delivery Time: It can send your initial resume draft in four (4) business days.

Price Range: Cover letter writing starts at $50 and the LinkedIn optimization service starts at only $100. In contrast, resume writing starts at $130, which is cheaper compared to other resume writing firms

Contact: 1 (510) 740-4155

Reviews: 7.4/10 on Trustpilot

Client review of top resume writing service

6. Resumes Guaranteed

Career experts writing resumes for job seekers

Your resume is your chance to get a foot in the door especially when it is targeted for recruiters and hiring managers’ preference. That said, Resumes Guaranteed always advocating for their clients’ success. They have produced job-winning resumes from professionals who are experts in different fields.

In this digital age, you’ll find numerous resume services online, but their team has a unique approach in preparing superior documents. One thing that sets this firm apart from its competitors is that they affirm a 60-day timeframe for job seekers to land a job. If that doesn’t happen, the company will get back your money with an extra $50! With a deal like this, they’ve established a reputation for helping tens of thousands of clients. All of these factors, taken together, are the reasons Resumes Guaranteed made it to the list.

Working with Resumes Guaranteed

Perks: For more than 20 years, Resumes Guaranteed never fails its clients. In a span of 60 days, if you have not received any job interviews or gotten hired, they’ll refund your money. They also offer a free resume review by just emailing them your resume.

Fails: The firm must invest in refining their website and adapt to the industry’s digital marketing trends. Establishing its website’s credibility can be of big help in boosting its sales.

Delivery Time: The standard turnaround time of Resumes Guaranteed is two (2) to three (3) business days. However, Resumes Guaranteed also offers a quick turnaround time of 1 business day with an extra charge. But if you’re in a hurry, spending extra cash is justifiable.

Price Range: Resumes Guaranteed has maintained its affordability throughout the years. Regarding the cost of their resume packages, for as low as $109.95, you’ll receive your professional and job-winning resume. Their executive-level resumes, on the other hand, is worth $199.95. For federal and government resumes, the price is $189.95! As for their other job search tools, a cover letter will cost you $59.95. With their writers’ expertise, your career success is guaranteed!

Contact: 1 (800) 667-8618 / 1 (888) 518-5078

Reviews: 4 stars on Best 10 Resume Reviews

Review of clients for Resumes Guaranteed

7. Chapman Services Group, LLC

man jumping because he got a job with help from resume writer

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Chapman Services has established itself as one of the writing companies that offer best online resumes. Chapman Services Group, LLC. writers’ approach suits clients who prefer a consultation regarding the path of their career. Also, their experts offer career coaching for job interviews and salary negotiation.

They understand different career levels that require different approaches. On top of that, your resume will be written by a resume specialist in your industry. The advantage of choosing their services is to optimize your resume and job hunt resources geared toward your career.

To help you get your resume to the top of the pile, Chapman Services Group will create a custom resume that will surely get you an interview. The process of resume writing is convenient. Aside from your old resume, their writers will dedicate twenty (20) to sixty (60) minutes of consultation with you to gather information on your career history.

Working with Chapman Services Group, LLC.

Perks: Throughout the resume writing process, Chapman Services Group boasts of their expertise in promoting their clients’ career value, key competencies, and career anecdotes the way recruiters today hire the best candidate.

Fails: If fast turnaround time is your reason for hiring a resume writing service, Chapman Services Group is your least choice.

Delivery Time: Having a turnaround time of seven (7) working days proves that Chapman Services Group is not for clients who need a draft within the day. In fact, clients are charged an additional fee if they opt to receive their resume in a much faster time.

Price Range: Compared to their competitors, the prices of their services are expensive but still worth giving a try. Their writers will speak with you regarding your career history which helps in writing your resume that matches your tone. Standard package is $349 that includes 15-30 minute consultation, a customized resume and cover letter. For a price of $497, the professional package is ideal for job seekers with three (3) to five (5) years of experience.

Contact: 269-405-9700

Reviews: 4 stars on Best 10 Resume Reviews

Review of Chapman Services Group with best resume writers

8. Blueprint Executives

comprehensive review of resume writing service blueprint executives logo below the globe

For 16 years, Blueprint Executives, formerly Blueprint Resumes & Consulting, has written resumes that tell their clients’ success stories. With their claimed 99% client satisfaction rating, as a client, you will get a free rewrite if you do not receive an interview.

Clients may choose from various resume blueprint and resume assistance options. Although its prices are costly, it competes by giving top-notch resumes. However, it has resume promo for clients on a tight budget. In fact, clients can save 20% on any resume and cover letter package when they respond to the site’s quick survey! Writers can set up an in-person consultations with their clients across Atlanta, Kennesaw, Birmingham, and other locations throughout the Southeast.

Working with Blueprint Executives

Perks: They are writing resumes for mid-level executives and general management as well as for federal applicants. It is easier for clients to look for the perfect package that suits their career needs.

Fails: Blueprint Executives accept major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa) as payment. They have a 50/50 payment option you can check. Yet, PayPal payment is still not available.

Delivery Time: To ensure the quality of resumes, it will take 5 to 7 business days before you receive an initial draft. If you are in a hurry, go for the rush service. Clients can choose this option and expect to get their request within 24 to 48 hours. But with extra charges.

Price Range: The price of their resume writing service ranges from $635–$1125 for C-level executives; $535–$750 for senior/director level. Visit their website to find more offers.

Contact: 678-353-3208

Reviews: 5 stars on Best 10 Resume Reviews

Clients review of blueprint executives

9. Resume Writing Service

Woman pointing at the resume services

From tailored job-hunting tools and polished LinkedIn profiles to career-boosting gears, this firm is an all-around career help. It brims with great content, winning pitches, and top-notch resume format. As evidenced by the number of satisfied clients, rest assured that you’re in good hands when you choose Resume Writing Service to kick-start your career.

In the digital age, the recruiting process changes over the years, best to update your LinkedIn profile as well. Needing help in writing the about and experience sections on LinkedIn? Avail their LinkedIn profile editing service. If you need cover letter writing, KSA responses, and other tools, they have premium sets waiting for you.

With the fast-growing industry of resume writing business, Resume Writing Service is one of the largest and reliable services for every job seeker. They are committed to position their clients at the peak of their career. Moreover, Resume Writing Services have written resumes for thousands of clients across the globe.

Working with Resume Writing Service

Perks: Resume Writing Service has a seamless order process and flexible payment methods too.

Fails: reviews show that they are quite attentive to product inquiries. That’s a major plus point! However, email support could use an upgrade.

Delivery Time: Resume Writing Service offers 24 hours up to 14 business days of turnaround time. You can also select the best time for you to receive your resume based on your needs. Never worry about the quality of your job hunt tool, they have experts who can handle tight deadlines.

Price Range: Starting at $119.95, hiring an expert resume writer to cover your job search needs is easy! They also offer a resume editing service starting at $89.95 and CV writing for $139.95.

Contact: 657-295-8538 | [email protected]

Reviews: 5 stars on Best 10 Resume Reviews

Review of resume writing service from clients

10. Resume Plus

Resume writer assuring job seekers that they will get interviews after hiring top resume writing services

ResumePlus is the best choice for an applicant whose goal is to speak of their expertise, which is a thing that they can’t do. Many companies use an Application Tracking Systems to screen resumes. That said, Sue Montgomery uses a unique style in writing resumes based on the right keywords in line with the expertise of her clients. This plays a key role in increasing a job seeker’s hiring chances through an effective resume.

The service asks you to complete a questionnaire to learn what you want to communicate in your resume. Resume Plus knows how to craft a qualitative resume which will showcase your transferable skills in the skills section.

Working with ResumePlus

Perks: Clients regard Sue Montgomery as extremely polite, professional, and helpful. Through a conversation with the writer, you will have an overview of why your resume wasn’t getting results. If you avail their resume writing services, you’ll have an updated resume that will get results.

Fails: The price range of Resume Plus’ writing services differs depending on the client’s requirements and goals. Moreover, if your on a tight budget, might as well cross out their services in the list.

Delivery Time: Since Sue Montgomery herself creates all the resumes, she takes time in crafting each of them. This means a longer lead time of about two (2) weeks. For rush project, she offers a faster service with an additional fee of 20%.

Price Range: Sadly, Resume Plus doesn’t post its service rates on its website. However, the firm charges clients based on their unique job search tools needs.

Contact: 1-937-254-5627

Reviews: 3 stars on Best 10 Resume Writers

3-star review from clients of ResumePlus

Deciding on Which of the Top Resume Writing Services is for You

In the changing market, your resume must be able to compete among the best online resumes that hiring managers will review. In case you need help, resume writing services firms are easy to find, with thousands of them online.

Hiring certified resume writers is worth the cost when they deliver quality job documents and provide great customer service. If you are feeling lost with your job search, a resume writer can accelerate your job search and reduce the stress.

You may have stumbled across numerous websites of resume writing services. All of them swears on leveraging your career when you work with the experts. The final verdict about which services to avail starts with checking their reviews. Do they meet your budget? What other people are saying about their customer service? Do their writers know how to speak your tone?

To be honest, on top of everything else, all you need is a high-quality and professionally written resume to begin your job search and get noticed. There you have it, the best professional resume writing services for 2021.