Listing the Top Resume Writing Services Worth Hiring for Your Job Search Needs

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It’s no secret that the top resume writing services are those that provide quality services for a competitive price. However, not all companies can serve you the best. Hence, to consider it one of the top-rated resume writing services, you must check the quality, cost, and specialization each firm provides.

Additionally, it’s important to choose the best to get your money’s worth with the assurance that your job search tool would pass the applicant tracking system (ATS). Thus, whether you’re applying for an entry-level or C-level position, you need a firm that can give your resume the revamp it needs—easier and faster.

Are you searching for top resume writing services to hire? Let our resume experts help you! Read on to learn more about our top resume reviews; the advantages of hiring professional resume writers; and practical tips to finding the resume writing company that best suits your job search needs. Read on!

Why Do Top Resume Writing Services Work?

Writing your job search tools, resumes and CVs included, can be fulfilling. However, to position your skills well, you might need an expert’s help. Resume writing services are there for a lot of reasons; one of which being that they help you craft a job-winning resume. It’s an investment—paying extra bucks is worth it and can open doors to better opportunities.

Hiring resume writers can assure you that your job search will be easier with the resume tailored for you and your target job. Thus, when you plan to change your career or lack time to write a resume that could pass ATS, it’s better to trust the job to professionals. Don’t just use resume templates; consider investing in certified resume writers.

There’s no need to worry because you can be sure that these top resume writing services offer practical solutions to entry-level job seekers, college graduates, and career shifters. They make sure that their writers are experts in different fields to ensure that their resumes are keyword optimized.

Plus, these best resume writing companies pledge to deliver quality work for a reasonable price. Hence, you can make use of their expertise in resume writing, maximize your resources, and invest in job search tools that’ll boost your job search.

job seeker searching for the top resume writing services online
Job seeker searching for the top resume writing services online

Perks of Working with Top Resume Writing Services

Professional resume writers aim to help job hunters have a better chance of securing a job. With the expertise of top resume writing services, applicants like you are provided with interview-guarantee job search tools.

It’s no wonder, then, that many professionals hire trusted resume writing services to write their resumes, CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. They don’t just provide professionally written resumes and other job search documents; they also open doors for better opportunities and benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of working with top resume writing services.

  • Help you make a polished copy that will get you interviews and, potentially, the job you’re targeting.
  • Draw out your strengths and match them with what hiring managers or companies look for.
  • Highlight your best abilities and achievements because they view them without bias.
  • Revamp your resume into a professional yet personal tool.
  • Highlight the positive info and downplay the negative ones in your resume.

Surefire Tips to Finding the Top Resume Writing Services

A resume is a key tool to use in applying for work. Nonetheless, creating a well-written resume isn’t an easy task. The following details further make resumes hard to write.

  • What sections to include or parts to omit
  • How you should explain your employment gap
  • What qualifications and achievements to highlight
  • How to organize data
  • What proper format to use

Good thing is that there are now top resume writing services online. To help you hire the best, we have listed some practical tips to heed along with our top resume reviews to work with the best resume writing companies that fit your needs.

1. Review the company’s website.

It’s a must for each job seeker to get the company’s info. However, even if this may seem a common practice, many candidates still fail to look at crucial factors that might help them decide. How do you review sites, you might ask. Here’s a checklist of what you must consider.

  • Website’s appearance or layout: The way a firm organizes the sections and info and maintains a striking look could mean that they deliver the same quality to its clients.
  • Sample works: The top resume writing services to consider are the ones offering resume samples for an array of jobs and fields. These give you a glimpse of the resume writers’ organizational and writing skills.
  • Certification, associations, and membership: Top resume writing services that have the passion for resume writing are willing to meet the criteria and obtain necessary credentials. Three of the biggest certifying groups are PARW/CC, NRWA, and Career Directors.
  • Process and policies: You need to know the sign-up process, turnaround time, revision policy, and possible discussion of your project with the writer.
  • Contact details: The company’s contact info on the website shows transparency and “real” existence.
  • Pricing: Look for companies’ pricing schemes and compare them. Don’t forget to factor in package prices, inclusions, discounts, freebies, and quality of the output.
Woman checking the pros and cons of hiring resume writing services
Woman checking the pros and cons of hiring resume writing services

2. Check on their qualifications.

Once you get the chance to talk to potential professional resume writers, ask about their qualifications and experience in the field. Better yet, view their LinkedIn profiles to know more about their background, strengths, and endorsements received.

3. Ask past clients; seek opinions.

When you’re doubtful of the online review, forums, and testimonials posted on the firms’ websites, find a way to seek past clients you know. Then, ask them as your trusted friends. Doing so helps you get a personal account of their experience in dealing with the service provider.

4. Request for a free consultation and resume review.

Ask for a free consultation and resume review or critique. During the process, speak not to the boss or sales representatives, but to your potential resume writer. Ask for ways on how they will deal with your specific problems. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, then it’s best to keep looking.

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The Top 10 Resume Writing Services this 2024

With thousands of resume writing firms online, finding the right one is a challenge. So, to save you from the dreaded search, we’ve created a list of quality, best resume writing companies this year. Check out our top resume reviews to leverage your job hunt.


1. Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writers has held the top ranking as testament to their credibility. For over 20 years, they have provided a wide array of professional resume writing services to clients across more than 70 industries—all guaranteed to pass the ATS. Apart from this, they write other job application tools including LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and professional biography. Furthermore, RPW offers free resume review to help job seekers improve and tailor their resume to their target job. Not only that, they also offer a faster turnaround time—from 2 to 3 business days to 1 day.

There are four packages that you can choose from based on your job search needs: Basic, Deluxe, Premium, and Ultimate. Each package consists of one resume that is professionally written and formatted, interview guaranteed, and ATS-friendly. The only differences among these packages are the turnaround time and the additional services that will be delivered once the resume has been finalized.

resume packages of Resume Professional Writers
Resume Professional Writers takes pride in its diverse resume packages and their high client satisfaction rate

Starting with their Basic package that costs $125, you’ll receive the initial draft of your resume within 4 business days. Next is the ‘popular’ Deluxe package. Aside from the resume that you’ll get within 3 business days, Deluxe also includes unique cover and thank-you letters for only $195 that will help you impress your target employers. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a job posting service to elevate your job search, you may choose the Premium package for $305. In addition to the resume that you’ll receive within 2 business days, this package also includes cover and thank-you letters.

Finally, the Ultimate package—considered RPW’s best value—entails a turnaround time of 1 business day and consists of all of the inclusions of the Premium package. It also comes with a follow-up letter, LinkedIn profile, and free e-books written by our expert resume writers and career coaches that will help you not only with your job search but also with your career.


2. Resume Prime

As one of the top resume writing services, this firm delivers high-quality services to a wide range of clients. They are more than willing to revise the resume until the client is fully satisfied. Aside from their 24/7 customer service and turnaround time of three business days, they also have a rush service for those who need their resume within 48 hours.

Moving forward with their packages, the Starter package includes a resume that costs $190. Meanwhile, if you are in need of a cover letter, you can choose the Essential package worth $230. Purchasing this service will save you time and money rather than availing the Starter package first, and then later on, a cover letter.

screenshot of Resume Prime's resume services
Resume Prime is home to a wide range of resume offerings from entry-level to high-level job seekers

Try leveling up your job search game! Resume Prime’s Advanced package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. With this package, you’ll not only attract hiring managers and pass the ATS, but also establish and boost your online presence.

Interested in pursuing a career in the government? Let the expert writers from Resume Prime craft your federal resume for $330! Along with a cover letter, this firm claims that the federal resumes they have written strictly comply with the guidelines stated in the job posting. Aside from these, they also offer add-on services that will complete your federal job application requirements, such as Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs), Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQs), and Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs).


3. Resume Valley

Third in our list of the top resume writing services is Resume Valley. This firm has been offering premium services including resume and CV writing, as well as LinkedIn profile optimization at a very competitive price. With a $99 worth of resume, their offers can help ease tough job search. Moreover, their professional resume writers vow to deliver custom writing for every client’s job needs.

As one of the low-cost yet top resume writing services, Resume Valley takes pride in marketing your skills and qualifications through your job application tools. For only $99, you’ll have a higher chance of kicking your competitors out of the competition and landing your dream job with a career-targeted resume and field-specific CV. Furthermore, you can improve your online reputation, expand network, and build connections with an optimized LinkedIn profile for $69.

screenshot of Resume Valley's resume packages
Top resume writing services of Resume Valley include their affordability

If you’re the type of customer who always waits for coupons, freebies, and promotions from your favorite service providers, always watch out for Resume Valley’s announcement. This firm regularly offers free cover letters during special occasions when you sign up for their resume and CV writing services. Additionally, they offer a 10% discount for their resume and CV writing packages that are promoted across numerous coupon sites.

This firm works directly with its clients to make their process a lot easier and effective. Thus, their writers can build strong resumes to meet client goals. However, long sessions might affect the delivery time. Throughout the years, this resume company has proven its expertise in providing quality yet low-priced offers.


4. Careers Plus Resumes, LLC

Careers Plus Resumes, LLC is a professional resume writing service that specializes in creating career-related documents aimed to help job seekers in succeeding in their job searches. They have a team of certified writers who have years of experience in the industry and are knowledgeable about various industries and job types.

Along with writing resumes, they also provide cover letters, distribution of resumes, revising and updating resumes, and creating LinkedIn profiles. They provide packages for federal government, executive, professional, and entry-level resumes, and the cost varies according to the package and quality of service. For $149 to $299, you may purchase their Career Advancement and Professional Priority packages if you’re pursuing an entry- to mid-level career. Also, their Executive Priority package is the greatest option if you wish to apply for a higher position. For $249, you may obtain a resume that emphasizes your managerial abilities as well as a whole package of services, such as a follow-up note, cover letter, and updated LinkedIn profile.

Listing the Top Resume Writing Services Worth Hiring for Your Job Search Needs 1

As for the quality of their services, Careers Plus Resumes, LLC has received positive reviews from customers online. Many customers have praised the quality of their resumes and the professionalism of their writers. They also have a 4.9-star rating on Google and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, indicating that they have a good reputation and satisfied customers.


5. Simply Great

Simply Great, being one of the most sought-after resume writing companies today, is committed to providing its clients with high-quality services. Aside from creating job-winning resumes, this firm also offers career coaching and LinkedIn profile development. With the innovative approach of Kerry Gustafson, their sole writer, they seek to actively collaborate with their clients to understand the job search landscape and boost their visibility.

The business offers resume service packages that are customized to meet any job application needs. In fact, clients can choose among the set of packages that were tailored to their experience level. Thus, whether you’re seeking an entry-level or an executive-level position, you can be confident that Simply Great can effectively help you stand out among other candidates and ace the hiring process.

Their resume services consist of four packages. The Professional Resume package starts at $899, inclusive of a 2-week revision period for any adjustments needed. If you want a cover letter to go with your resume, you have to pay $1049. The executive resume package, on the other hand, starts at $1099 and includes a 3-week revision period. If you wish to have your cover letter written as well, choose the Professional Resume Writing and Cover Letter Service package at $1249. The standard turnaround time for the initial draft of the resume is one week.

screenshot of Simply Great's resume services
Top resume writing services of Resume4Dummies include their free and easy-to-use resume builder

Aside from having a compelling resume, be interview-ready by availing their career coaching services. Simply Great can also help you market your qualifications online by developing your LinkedIn profile. In today’s market, some recruiters are looking for candidates through the networking site: LinkedIn. That is the reason having an updated LinkedIn profile can be a key factor in getting job offers from recruiters.

We are halfway our 10 top resume writing services this 2024. Before going on with our list, you might want to check out more reviews:


6. Resumes Guaranteed

For more than 20 years, Resumes Guaranteed has been helping thousands of clients find work in various industries. As one of the top resume writing services, this firm ensures the client’s career success with its 60-day job guarantee. In fact, they claim that 98.3% of their clients received calls from hiring managers after they passed their applications through their resumes.

One of the reasons they’re considered among the top resume writing services is their confidence in getting their clients the job they’re after. Staying true to their name, Resumes Guaranteed will help job seekers land a job within 60 days; otherwise they will refund the entire purchase price of your new resume. In addition, there’ll be $100 to boot. Talk about guarantee!

screenshot of Resumes Guaranteed's homepage
Top resume writing services of Resumes Guaranteed include the interview-guarantee quality of their job search tools

Ready to entrust your job search tool and place an order? Here are the pricing points that you have to consider before making the final deal: Resumes Guaranteed charge $109.95 + surcharges which might cost $29 to $39 for their professional package. As for the executive package, the cost is $199.95.

In addition, the firm offers a career coaching service at $69.95, which includes counseling sessions with a certified career coach. If you have to meet a deadline, no need to fret; you can request for a rush service at $39.95. Aside from the affordable prices, they sell individualized attention through their 24-hour customer service.


7. Chapman Services Group, LLC

Chapman Services has established itself as one of the top resume writing services. Their approach in their services suits clients who prefer consultations for the writing process. Also, their career experts offer coaching for job interviews and salary negotiations. Their client referral rate of 40+% gives us an idea of their quality service.

Many job seekers tend to update their own resume because hiring an expert writer costs a fortune. With this in mind, the experience level and accomplishments written on a resume may not be fit for the role. Keeping these in mind, Chapman Services Group promotes value, competencies, and accomplishments to craft a customized resume.

screenshot of Chapman Services Group's Order page, featuring resume packages with consultation services
Chapman Services Group specializes in resume writing as well as consultation services to job seekers

For the standard package for $397, you will get 15 to 30 minutes of phone consultation with a professional writer. This package is ideal for entry-level professionals with zero to 2 years of experience. For executives, on the other hand, the ideal package is the senior professional which costs $597. Along with the resume writing packages to help you in your career, you can rely on them when it comes to career coaching and career development advice.

Regarding the delivery, the standard waiting time for a client to receive the project is 7 business days. If you wish to expedite the process, might as well add the 2 business day delivery with an extra cost of $227. Hence, if you wish to hire one of the top resume writing services that will not only make you spend much but also write a professional document for you, choose Chapman Services Group LLC.


8. BluePrint Executives

Finding a career you are passionate about—all the while staying at the top of the career ladder—is an opportunity not open for everyone. Thus, updating a resume is a must to showcase in-demand skills and earned accolades and career accomplishments throughout tenure.

With these in mind, BluePrint Executives provides top resume writing services to high-level job seekers looking to establish their foothold in their industries. This company claims a 99% customer satisfaction rating in their services. Further, they offer specialized resumes delivered within 5 to 7 business days.

For over 15 years, BluePrint Executives’ client base and locations have expanded even as their reputation and customer reviews grew. When you let certified professional writers revamp your resume, you will surely receive an invitation for an interview. With their service offerings, BluePrint Executives guarantees 60- to 90-day interviews or they will rewrite your resume for free.

screenshot of BluePrint Executives' Resume Services page for Management and Mid-level job seekers
BluePrint Executives offers quality resume packages for management and C-level candidates

There are many resume writing packages to choose from, but they specialize in executive resume writing services. As the nature of work that executives perform is results-based, including accomplishments on a resume is a key component. For management and mid-level packages, the starter cost is $875. The package includes an ATS-format resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Other services include the enhanced package worth $1,210, which is best for executives who wish to detail their career in narrative form. This includes an ATS-format resume, cover letter, executive biography, and LinkedIn profile. Conversely, if you need recruiter pairing, choose the ultimate package at a price of $1,860. In need of career coaching? Consult with their experts at $2,160.


9. Resume Writing Service

Going back in the workforce after being unemployed for too long makes any job seekers worry if they will be hired. For career changers, the content of the resume must be well thought out. It is important to be equipped with a tailored resume that will detail the relevant skills that they have for the position they’re applying for. For associates looking for better opportunities, their competitive edge is their contributions to the companies they’ve worked for.

Having all these said, Resume Writing Service houses skilled resume writers that turn work experience into what recruiters are looking for. As advertised on their website, they offer an unlimited number of revisions and 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the service. As one of the top resume writing services, that’s a big plus.

screenshot of Resume Writing Services' offerings, including add-on services
Resume Writing Services, featuring the resume packages it offers and other add-on services

One of the advantages of hiring Resume Writing Service is that your job hunting tools will surely pass the screening, as their writers have in-depth knowledge of relevant keywords for your industry. Starting at $100, you’ll receive a professional resume writing service. If you are cutting on a budget, you can go for their resume editing service at a price of $80. Meanwhile, if you need a CV writing service, you can let the experts bring you closer to your ideal job.

This firm is made up of a team of experts in writing resumes and career coaches who vow to provide top-notch services that help job seekers a step closer to their target job. Aside from resume writing, they offer different add-on services such as LinkedIn profile writing, professional biography, and knowledge, skills, and abilities responses.


10. ResumeGo

Most fresh graduates or active job seekers struggle to find the time to learn how to create their own resume in an effective way. This is where resume writing companies come in. They provide services that cater to any job search tools that most job seekers need.

ResumeGo, a resume writing firm founded by Peter Yang more than a decade ago, employs a data-driven strategy to ensure that their clients’ resumes are favorably received by both recruiters and the applicant tracking system. Furthermore, this firm consists of HR specialists, recruiters, hiring managers, and resume experts who aim to bring out the best in their clients.

Resume Go list of companies where clients were hired.
Listing the Top Resume Writing Services Worth Hiring for Your Job Search Needs 2

Apart from resume writing services, this firm also provides LinkedIn writing and cover letter writing services. Their resume writing services start at $290 to $600; LinkedIn service priced at $150; and cover letter writing worth $100. ResumeGo is unquestionably not cheap. It offers one of the most competitive pricing on the market, yet it is recognized for providing high-quality resume writing services.

They promise money-back guarantee, unlimited revisions for 14 days after receiving the first draft from their writer, keyword optimized and industry specific resume, and free LinkedIn makeover. Their team is dedicated to tailoring your resume to the specific industry of your preference. Not only that, they also aim to assist you define your own brand and identify your major accomplishments in order to create a cover letter that showcases your best self. At the same time, when you avail of their LinkedIn profile writing service, ResumeGo will help you create a profile that will catch your recruiter’s attention and make you a standout from the competition.

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Our Methodology Behind Reviewing the Top Resume Writing Services

As mentioned earlier, hiring the top resume writing services can only do you good. With all their benefits, you can have your job tools ready to get the attention of hiring managers. Hence, have a higher chance of landing your target job. So why not give it a try?

If you have decided to hire a professional resume writer, here are the top 5 points that you need to consider.

1. Quality

The first thing that you need to consider before hiring a professional resume writer is quality. Knowing that a firm offers quality services can assure you that hiring them is the best decision.

2. Affordability

Are resume writing services worth investing your hard-earned money on? Definitely! Among thousands of resume writing services online, you need a guide to make informed decisions to get your money’s worth. Thus, the next thing you need to consider is the cost.

3. Specialization

Another important factor that you need to consider is the specialization of the firm. There are many resume writing firms, so knowing what they’re best at is important. Having an expert in the field write your resume is an advantage.

job seeker researching all resume writing services online
Job seeker researching all resume writing services online before hiring one

4. Customer Service

The top resume writing services believe that communication is vital to the success of the entire process. Thus, the firm and its staff must always be present and easy to reach to address client concerns.

5. Delivery

Service completion and output delivery should always match what the clients expect. Quality and speed must meet or even exceed customer expectations.

Finding the top resume writing services online is just a click away. It could be a challenge to pick the best because there are hundreds of firms to choose from. There are a lot of things to consider before hiring one. But to make things simple, try weighing each firm based on quality, cost, specialization, customer service, and turnaround time.

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Choose the Top Resume Writing Services that Suit You Best

Hire only the top resume writing services for your job-hunting needs. With the internet, working with the best has now become possible. Therefore, make sure to make the most out of it. You can now focus on preparing to elevate your career while you partner with top resume writing services that will get you the interview invite you’re looking forward to.