What You Should Know before Hiring a Professional Resume Writing Service

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Have you been out of job for some time and have just decided to hire professional resume services but still doubt them? Have you grown tired of reading online reviews?

Well, reading online reviews isn’t the only useful thing you can do before making any purchase. Yet, 2016 data from the Pew Research Center showed that many American adults would “sometimes or always read online review for new purchases.” Over 2/3 of review readers believed they were “generally accurate.”

While the accuracy of both good and bad reviews remains in question, it’s always a good choice to know the integrity of a person or group doing them. Still, many honest review sites exist to back and campaign for customer welfare.

Assess Each Resume Firm

When still doubting the reviews or sensing that they’re too good to be true, you can always get the facts straight yourself. Visit their sites and assess the data they share online. You may check the factors below and compare how they fare in providing the most pleasing service, based on the displayed info.

Resume Package

Any customer would agree this is the most vital factor to ponder. Even job seekers vying for C-level posts are very particular with this aspect to make sure they get the worth of every penny they spend to ensure their job search success. In fact, hiring professional resume services is but an investment.

When checking each resume package, don’t just focus on prices. Instead, weigh the items each package includes and know how it differs with other packages. This way, you’ll know which of them is right for you! Lastly, determine if the inclusions are worth the price.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Does the resume firm talk about its output passing the ATS? One best feature of modern resumes is responding well to both human and robot screening. Hence, you have to ensure dealing with a resume writer who can make your application visible online.

Turnaround Time

Do you need a resume in three days’ time but can’t write it yourself to start off? Hiring an expert resume writer won’t let you lose a job prospect. Find the one that offers short turnaround time such as, say, 2 to 3 business days. Anyhow, firms also offer rush service for an extra fee.

Years of Experience

This factor may not interest you since this often sounds self-serving. Yes, how long the business operates doesn’t equate to the mastery of one’s craft; but you must consider it as reflection of the firm’s toughness and trust gained over the years. Knowing how seasoned a resume writer is gives you an idea on the number of resumes they have produced and jobs landed by clients.

Resume Cover Letter

Resumes aren’t complete without cover letters. They always go hand in hand, giving your application the boost it needs. Tailored cover letter is another thing. That said; ensure having a striking cover letter, too!

Some resume writers offer cover letter for free while others charge extra cost for this. Either way, check if it’s well written. Not only should it tell your story and personal brand; it should also present you well, making you worthy of the job interview invite!

Sample Outputs

Sample resumes give a glimpse of what you could expect from the service provider. Visit the page and look for their sample works arranged per industry. It’s better if you find a sample output for your target job to gauge how well they know your field. Likewise, you’ll get to know if they keep abreast of trends in resume writing.

Free Updates and Revisions

Not all resume writers offer these perks. Hence, finding one is truly a blessing because you don’t have to spend some money to polish your job tool. Free revisions may only be good for certain period, but it’s a means of taking advantage of the service until you’re completely satisfied.

Working with the Writer

Hiring a professional resume writer allows you to work with a pro virtually. Upon inquiry, ask about ways to contact the writer once the process has begun.

You can call to relay your instructions and follow up on the progress. Of course, sending emails could be much better so the writer won’t miss anything while working on the draft.

know what others say about certain professional resume services

Know What Others Say

What past clients say about a certain resume firm can help you gauge its effectiveness in doing its craft. Ask a family member, close friend, or neighbor about their experience working with the firm. Take note of the factors listed above.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

Best 10 Resume Writers started reviewing and ranking firms in 2000. Since then, we have become the go-to site for job seekers curious about the companies they can trust while striving hard for their career launch.

Other factors that set us apart include:

Fair reviews

We are an independent review site making credible reviews to help job seekers decide where they can entrust their resumes.

No payments involved

We don’t want and won’t allow anyone to hinder our passion for providing users with balanced reviews.

Industry experts

People behind our reviews are industry pros such as career coaches, editors, and writers.

Thorough reviews

Our team of reviewers convene for criteria setting, inclusions to the list, and other related matters.

Find out the best writer through our recent rankings and learn about our review basis before hiring professional resume services.

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