10 Tips to Writing a Top Resume for Information Technology Careers

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You want to return to the workforce; however, a former job retrenchment prevents you. Did the hiatus make you doubt your skills; thus, requiring you to refresh your knowledge on information technology or IT? How can your application tool highlight your qualifications as you keep your recruiter’s eyes away from your employment gap? Here’s a list of effective tips in writing a top IT resume that draws hiring managers and brings you a rewarding career.

Top IT Resume Writing Guide

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1. Choose the best resume format.

The first and most vital step to writing a top IT resume is telling what format to use. You need not choose from common resume formats since you must only assess your personal circumstance to tell which one fits you. Since you got employment gaps (due to pregnancy, jail time, etc.), make a functional resume. This format marks your desired job by stressing the most relevant details.

2. State your intended post.

Whether you want to continue an earlier career or to shift to another one, let recruiters see it. Information technology is so broad you may face the risk of accepting a position you dislike or aren’t familiar with, unless you tell them your desired job. Modern resumes have a career tag that tells your intended job or at least your field of interest.

3. Flaunt your tech knowledge.

Putting your skill set at the forefront is a good way to prove how your qualifications fit the job requirements. Your technical background is such a huge advantage as the world advances each passing day.

4. List achievements, not tasks.

Reserve a section for your accomplishments—proof of how other people value your attitude towards work. List your achievements rather by adding figures or numbers that suggest you’re a good hire.

5. Include vital sections.

Make sure you add sections that will boost your hiring chances. A “Technical Summary” or “Technical Acumen” and “Training” can give you the edge. In addition, these sections show how well you know the field.

6. Keep it short.

A one-page resume, at length, is ideal for entry-level, legal, and acting jobs. Those with employment gaps like you will find keeping a shorter resume helpful since you need not put many, yet irrelevant experience in it. Keep your copy concise.

7. Keep it professional.

For someone who’s creative, seeking an IT job is enough reason to give your resume a professional look. A professional resume uses legible fonts and a simple layout. Likewise, use high-grade paper when you print your copy. Keep in mind that your resume reflects your personality.

8. Write a cover letter.

A top IT resume alone can’t help you get a job. Hence, send a cover letter along with it introducing yourself and telling details you can’t mention in your resume.

9. Proofread and edit your work.

Just because you’re in the IT field, it doesn’t mean it’s fine to make mistakes in your resume. In the same way, impress the hiring manager with a flawless profile summary. Otherwise, ask someone to review and proofread your work to make it sound good.

10. Present a good online profile.

Social media and networking sites are now a useful tool for job search. Create a professional biography and portfolio that best match your resume. Use online profiles to your advantage, and you’ll see recruiters finding their way to you.

Why Hire a Resume Writing Service

The IT industry offers job seekers lots of opportunities since labor demand shows no sign of declining. Today, this industry remains robust. In fact, the annual rate of this field’s posted job notices in the United States grew by 40% in 2015. IT jobs are still in demand these days.

Besides, reading top resume reviews and getting samples and free critique, the best way to have a job-winning piece is by hiring resume professionals.

Any of the firms that top our professional resume writing service reviews can make your application stand out over your rivals. What an expert writer can do is to help you beat the challenges with your situation. In fact, pro resume writers are adept at making pieces that explain a career change and/or a return to the workforce. Likewise, they can conceal employment gaps, job-hopping, and conditions that may thwart your chances of getting the job.

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