Writing a Resume for a Summer Part-Time Job

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Girl writing a resume while on summer vacation on the beach

Applying for a summer job is different from applying for a corporate job vacancy. A summer job is the stepping-stone to a teenager’s journey into being part of the work force in the future. Summer vacation is not all about parties and beaches. Summer is a brief respite away from academics, and it is a time when a student starts to mold his/her young career.

The first thing to do when applying for a summer job is look for directories and job listings that hire teenagers to work at a specific period of day. Buy a local newspaper and browse classified advertisements for any summer job or part-time work in the community.

After finding a suitable job offer, preparing and writing the resume comes next. There is a huge disparity between a summer job and corporate resume. As a student, you need to understand how you should author the portfolio. Here are some tips:

Indicate the position you are applying for and state why

Put together a series of interesting points why you want to apply for that certain position. Tell the employer why you want to work for them. Include concrete and justifiable means.

Schooling background

Include on the resume positive impressions about you as a student. Looking for a part-time job need no to be too formal. The goal is to create a favorable impression with the employer and make him/her feel confident on your abilities as a young part-time employee.

Detail the real you

Aside from providing the employer about your educational achievements, explain to him/her the real you. Open up values why the employer should hire you. The essence of applying for a part-time job is to gain experience. Throw all the formalities away.

Parental consent

Finally, include contact details of your parents. This will give you security whether the employer turns rogue and starts bossing you around. As a teenager, you are still vulnerable and unfit to work under heavy pressure.

Spend your summer working rather than wasting your allowance stash on recreational activities. Jump-start your career with a part-time job that will sure guide you in the future as a professional.

Linda Roberts is part of a research team providing various resource materials to many different corporate recruitment departments.