5 Things You Need to Know before Accepting a Job Offer

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Woman shaking hands of another to signify accepting a job offer

After days of looking for work, some HR staff called you and offered you to be part of their company. Of course, you’re ecstatic at the moment! But before you get delirious with the proposal and swoop into accepting the job offer right away, compose yourself. You might be missing a very crucial point in your career.

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

The thing with job offers is that they are so exciting that you can’t afford to say no or even ask for details for it might ruin your momentum. However, most career hunters are still not getting the importance of that phone call – it’s the perfect time to negotiate for the future. And it’s so thrilling so they miss grasping the opportunity to negotiate.

1. The Working Setup

You will be in the company for a very long time, and you can’t avoid things to be too mundane and repetitive at some point. That’s why you have to make sure that you understand the job offer will be grinding in an environment and lifestyle where you can still breathe some fresh air. Ask about your schedule. How many hours will you work in a day? Will you be prompted to do tasks during weekends when things got demanding? Or will there be any instance that you will have to go to far places? The answers should be superb for you at best and tolerable at worst.

2. Benefits Package of the Job Offer

Ah, the benefits. That’s the very reason why you’ve been vying to be employed. Not unless you’re a mad scientist who’s willing to be broke all for the love of what he’s doing, you shouldn’t take the plunge into the job offer before you knew what you’ll get from it. Politely ask if you can get a copy of the whole package. You might be getting a good career and a nice office, only to find out that you won’t get enough to make both ends meet at home. Mull over it before finally nodding to the employer.

3. Work Load

The irony about loads is that you’re badly wishing for it when you’re still not employed, but there it came, and you don’t feel like getting up in the morning just to grind the same old pile. Remember one old adage when it comes to corporate responsibilities: don’t bite off more than you can chew. To inquire about the specific task you’ll be asked to do before accepting a job offer. If it’s too much and you’ve got second thoughts, it’s better to analyze it thoroughly before dismissing your doubts.

4. Office Location

Do you have to travel for two hours before you get to the place? Remember that two hours of travel to the office will cost you four hours a day if vice versa. That was twenty hours a week of driving or riding public transportation if you have a five-day working schedule. And 20 hours is half of your 40-hour workweek load. That will be too consuming, so better consider the distance of your depot before you enter into a job offer.

5. Job Offer’s Room for Growth

You have to ask yourself the same interview question again: How do you see yourself after five years? If you honestly think that you’ll be in the same old cubicle for the next five years, you’re heading to a dead end. Accept the job offer if really needed now. But after some time, you might want to consider a company that pays lesser but gives you big opportunities for professional growth.

Image Source: Matthew Henry from Burst