Advertising Resume: When Entertainment Meets Employment

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sample advertising resume in a laptop

Surely, advertising resumes are just one of the most lucrative jobs where you can freely use your artistic license to promote yourself. Go where the both streets meet. Here are a few helpful tips to make the most out of your creativity while maintaining a professional identity:

Advertising Resume: Six Helpful Tips to Effectively Sell Your Self

1. Don’t overdo it.

Some chichi design here and glitters there won’t impress anyone. Not unless you’re applying as an art teacher. Being an advertiser does not always mean that you have to be artsy. Also, by embracing the fancy schmancy, you are sentencing your application document along with your name into eternal mortification. If you want to show off your creativity, do it the way the HR personnel will find quirky but not invasive of their professional task.

2. Keep it surprising.

And we’re not pertaining about those oh-so-cliché ways of making your paper noticed like sending them out inside a smelly shoe or sewing them all into a shirt. Unfortunately brood, the people who will read your resume were not at all right-brained punks. However, since you’re in the marketing business, you have to surprise them in a manner that won’t gash on their thin humor-tolerance. Deviate with dignity. Never frighten, surprise.

3. Talk about your background and competencies.

Probably one of the most common mistakes that creatives usually commit, campaigning yourself for employment should not be overpowered by the manner it is delivered. If you wish the employers to take your advertising resume seriously, you have to make sure that your substance is as good as your packaging. Being human, screeners actually appreciate some ice breaker. However if you intend it to be an application document, you have to prove your authority on your thing. That is, if you don’t want to remain an icebreaker on wallstreet forever.

4. Cunning is a virtue.

Be as clever as a fox. Since you’re breaking norms and going out of the box, why not use the freedom to be noticed by other people aside from your prospects? Say, do something that you intend to become the talk of the town without indignating you, like creating a video, or stealing the vanity URL of the company bigwigs and asking for an interview as a ransom? By the way, the tactics we just mentioned actually worked.

5. Don’t present a plain, conventional list of your achievements.

Need say? Since advertising business needs some tact in making the product appear larger than life, you have to do the same with your employment proposal. In order to make the impression that you are one creative, innovative, and results-oriented applicant, you don’t have to tell it. You have to show it. Make sure that the employer notices your strongest points by going farther than just listing it on your application.

6. It’s all about timing.

Make sure that the employer is in the right condition to take your little ‘stunt.’ Because if he isn’t, you won’t only lose your chance for the job, you will also risk embarrassment over the matter. Do your research. If the HR is too busy or if you have heard that he is on serious, cold, personality, better not risk performing the antic to get noticed. Know when to show a creative advertising resume and when to pass a conventional one.

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