Top Resume Writing Tips from the Industry’s Best Companies

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The way expert resume writers make application tools is amazing. As a job seeker struggling with resume writing, learn how they do their craft. Best 10 Resume Writers gathers useful tips shared by trusted resume firms. Here are tips from the best professional resume writing services.

Tips from Providers of the Best Professional Resume Writing Services

1. Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writers suggests you remove details that can make your piece look dishonest and outdated. So, which items must you forget in writing your resume? Don’t put an objective statement, an odd email address, hobbies, references, irrelevant work experience from 20 years ago, and your photo. Further, the firm suggests you avoid using personal pronouns, non-conversational words, and confidential details (such as Social Security number, religious views, and marital status) in your piece.

2. Resume Prime

Resume Prime tells job hunters to assess themselves first before they write their resume. Know the job you want to fill in, so you can tailor your resume to its requirements. To write a great industry-targeted copy, Resume Prime asks you to focus on what can show you as an asset to the company. It’s best to add skills and feats relevant to the field.

Resume Prime also suggests you send a cover letter along with your resume. Besides making your profile complete, it lets you explain what you can’t tell in your resume.

3. Resume Valley

Besides your resume’s relevance to the job, Resume Valley reminds you to focus on its length and to make it striking and flawless. If you want an entry-level job, limit it to one page. Yet, if you’re a seasoned pro or pursuing a high-level post, two or more pages may work to your gain. As for the layout, the firm tells you to make it clean and creative to draw the reader’s interest. Likewise, it says you avoid errors—not even a typo, so you won’t upset recruiters.

4. Capstone Resume Services

For Capstone Resume Services, two important ingredients will make your resume serve its purpose: optimized keywords and PAR or problem-action-results statements. Further, Capstone wants you to be aware of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a tool used by most recruiters in screening job hopefuls. A resume with proper keywords will make the cut because hiring managers use them to search for the right candidates.

In contrast, PAR statements give readers a hint on how good you are in solving problems. Employers want to know how you overcame issues at work. Hence, list your duties or achievements along with the problems you faced, the actions you took, and the results you got from the experience.

5. Resume4Dummies

To focus on boosting your chances, take Resume4Dummies’ tips. In particular, it tells applicants to be visible online and make good use of social media’s popularity. In this digital age, employers are reviewing a candidate’s profiles on social networking sites, such as LinkedIn.

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Use these tips from the best professional resume writing services and get closer to your target job. For more resume writing tips, read the blogs of the top firms on our list of best resume writers.