On Hiring LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writers: What You Need to Know

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Job search isn’t all about resume writing. Likewise, resumes aren’t the only essential tools to help achieve your career goals. Know how you can take advantage of having well-written profiles to bolster your chances for the job before hiring the best LinkedIn resume writers in town!

Resume vs. LinkedIn

First things first, let’s set the record straight. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are two different application tools, thus having dissimilar contents and giving you different perks. Yet, both should have a goal of showing your personal brand statement and making you relevant through the words you use.

How do they differ? What details do they include?


This “private” application summary conveys your strengths that make you an asset to any company. It aims to “sell” you. Regardless of the format you use, the major sections you have to include are career tag, qualifications profile, key skills, professional experience, and education and training. Other sections you may put in your resume are awards and honors, certifications, affiliations, social involvement, technical acumen, and references.

Today, it is “offline” no more. You can upload resumes through robot-driven candidate processing tool called applicant tracking system. Hence, you need to be mindful in putting the right buzzwords.

LinkedIn Profile

Just as vital as your resume, a LinkedIn profile can also be your ticket in landing your dream job. That said; job seekers like you must ensure having an online profile that could present you as the fittest candidate and boost your online presence.

Beyond being a social network, you can tell a story through your LinkedIn profile. It contains details about you as a pro; such as a short bio or headline, summary, experience, education, skills and endorsements, recommendations, achievements, and interests.

An optimized profile is key to getting more views and attracting hirers.

Which can help advance your career? Don’t choose between them. You need both.

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On Hiring LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writers: What You Need to Know 1

Add a Resume to Your LinkedIn

Instead of copying the content on your piece, you have the option to upload your resume in your LinkedIn profile. Yes, the “offline” resume we’ve known has gone online, making you visible for various career prospects. If you do it, get ready with its impact not just on your job search but also privacy, too.

How to upload one? Many online sources share steps to guide you through the process. Be sure to find the most useful source—one that was newly published.

If you don’t want to upload a resume on your LinkedIn profile for privacy reasons, you have a better option of using the platform for direct and “easy apply”. This way, you can tailor your piece to each desired job post.

Finding the Best LinkedIn Resume Writers

Despite the crucial role that LinkedIn plays in today’s job search, not all expert resume writers and firms offer LinkedIn profile writing service. There may be others who offer both, but only a few are good at making them. So, who’s the best writer?

Here’s how expert writers do their craft:

  • Write a profile tailored to the post you seek to pursue.
  • Optimize every section with the right keywords.
  • Measure your feats with numbers and figures.
  • Stress your skills and core strengths.
  • Offer a cover letter to make your job quest known.

Lastly, the best expert writer ensures that everything matches up to compel hirers that you are a credible person. So, who should you trust and deal with?

When hiring a resume writer, don’t just look for “resume writers near me.” Likewise, don’t settle for fast resume writing services when it means poor output quality.

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