The Roadmap to Hiring the Best Professional Resume Writing Services

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When you’re one of the hundreds of applicants looking for the same job, a customized resume will set you apart. Although writing a targeted resume may sound easy, it takes an expert to write an effective one. It’s a good thing, then, that there are tons of professional resume writing services online.

Because of this, making resume writing an in-depth task is within reach. Not to mention, it boosts your chance of landing a job. That said; many job seekers invest in hiring professional resume writing services.

If you’re on the hunt for a rewarding career ahead, it’s best to take advantage of this. Nevertheless, before leaving everything to the hands of the experts, take time to make sure that you’ll hire only the best and most trusted professional resume writing services out there.

Things to Know Before Hiring a Resume Writing Service

Have you been out of job for some time and have just decided to hire professional resume writing services — but are still in doubt about them? Here, you can always get the facts straight yourself. Regarding these professional resume writing services, visit their sites and assess the data they share online. You may check the factors below and compare how they fare in providing the most pleasing service, based on the displayed info.

To help you assess professional resume writing services, here are some points you need to weigh to say that it’s a firm worth giving a shot.

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1. Resume Package

Any customer would agree this is the most vital factor to ponder. Even job seekers vying for C-level posts are very particular of this aspect to make sure they get the worth of every penny they spend to ensure their job search success. After all, hiring professional resume writing services is but an investment.

When checking each resume package, don’t just focus on prices. Instead, weigh the inclusions and know how each one differs from other packages. This way, you’ll know which of them is right for you.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems

Does the resume firm talk about its output passing the ATS? One best feature of modern resumes is responding well to both human and AI screening. Hence, you have to make sure you deal with a resume writer who can make your application visible online.

3. Turnaround Time

Do you need a resume in three days’ time but can’t write it yourself to start off? Hiring an expert resume writer won’t let you lose a job prospect. Find the one that offers short turnaround time such as, say, 2 to 3 business days. Consider, nonetheless, that firms also offer rush service for an extra fee.

4. Years of Experience

This factor may not interest you since this often sounds self-serving. Yes, how long the business operates doesn’t equate to the mastery of one’s craft. Having that said; you must consider it as reflection of the firm’s toughness and trust gained over the years.

Knowing how seasoned a resume writer is gives you an idea on the number of resumes they have produced and jobs landed by clients.

5. Free Updates and Revisions

Not all professional resume writing services offer these perks. Hence, finding one is truly a blessing because you don’t have to spend some money to polish your job tool.

Free revisions may only be good for a certain period, but it’s a means of taking advantage of the service until you’re completely satisfied. Plus, it could serve as a guarantee that the resume company can deliver quality outputs.

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How to Find the Top Certified Resume Writer Services

It’s no secret that many professionals, especially entry-level job seekers, hire certified resume writers to increase their chances of securing a job. Because of the demand, you’ll find thousands of professional resume writing services online. Here are four ways you should heed on how to find a highly qualified resume writer.

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service

1. Check out your LinkedIn network.

A great way to avoid hiring fake firms is to find people who have already found a trusted resume writing service.

With your LinkedIn account, try searching for these key phrases: certified professional resume writers, professional resume writing company, certified resume writer services, or best online resume writer. The search will show you every pro you’re connected with who writes resumes or works in a resume writing firm.

2. Take part in online forums and communities.

Do you want to meet freelancers or online service firms employees? Try visiting forums and online groups that focus on resume writing. Furthermore, these writers can pop up anywhere on such sites; and taking part in forum discussions will help you contact and ask them about their resume writing service.

3. Ask for honest reviews and referrals from people you know.

To find certified professional resume writers, you can ask those you know and trust about their experience hiring professional resume writing services. Additionally, you can check online site reviews for their feedback regarding this. Well, you don’t need to look further. You can just check out our top list of professional resume writing services.

Another technique is to ask for a referral from a career advisor. Their years of experience allow them to stay up to date with the industry trends, so they’re most likely familiar with firms that offer the best certified resume writer services.

4. Take advantage of Google search.

If you can’t find someone who has hired any good resume writing service, try searching the same key phrases we suggested you use on LinkedIn and when you find one, check out their website and credentials.

Professional Resume Writing Services List

Finding for professional resume writing services online is very easy, given that you have plenty of options to choose from. For the same reason, it could be challenging to ensure that you pick the best.

As a resume writing services review site, we value our audience and aim to help them connect with the best professional resume writing service. Thus, we have searched and reviewed resume writing firms. Here’s a quick rundown of our top picks.

  1. Resume Professional Writers
  2. Resume Prime​
  3. Resume Valley
  4. Careers Plus Resumes, LLC.
  5. Resume Folks
  6. Resumes Guaranteed
  7. Chapman Services Group, LLC.
  8. BluePrint Executives
  9. Resume Writing Service
  10. ResumeGo

Don’t forget to check out our extensive review of our 10 best resume writing services.

Surefire Tips in Assessing Professional Resume Writing Services

After finding resume writing firms online, it’s time to assess each of them. Doing so is important to make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth. Here are the details you need to watch out for to ensure that you’re getting the most from professional resume writing services.

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1. Check the quality of the writing sample

Is the content easy to understand? Does it have spelling errors or grammar mistakes? Lastly, is it professionally written? These let you determine if a firm’s quality of writing meets your job search tool needs.

2. Ask question of the business

Ask the firm about their writers’ business experience. Besides resume writing, are they knowledgeable about the healthcare industry? What about marketing? Human resources? Education? What is their resume writing process? Solid professional experience is one’s edge when writing application tools for each field. Thus, don’t forget to bring up this topic.

Not only that; here’s a list of the questions you can ask before hiring a resume writer:

  • Are you certified?
  • Do you have resume samples I can check on your website?
  • Do you offer a free resume review or initial consultation?
  • Will a writer be assigned to me?
  • How does your process work?
  • Aside from your services, do you offer access to resume writing and other career resources?
  • Do you offer other career development services?
  • What are your guarantee offers?
  • Are your writers equipped with the latest resume writing knowledge in applicant tracking system or ATS, keywords, and other technologies?
  • How much do you charge? Do you have discount packages?

Asking these open-ended questions helps you know more about their services and see if they’re the perfect fit for your job needs.

3. Keyword Expertise

Knowing how and where to insert keywords in resumes can put your application in a better position. Remember, top-notch professional resume writing services understand how the ATS works. This skill is vital in ensuring a strong resume that helps you land your target job. Plus, it’s an important factor a resume writing firm needs to possess.

4. Price

How much do they charge? Is there an extra fee when you ask to have the final product converted into a specific file format? What about their guarantees? Do they offer a full refund, revisions, and free resume updates? What are their terms should you ask for your resume on an earlier date? Heed these points to have a glimpse of your money’s worth before hiring their services.

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Leverage from Hiring Professional Resume Writing Services

Professional resume writing services have helped job seekers get ahead of the job search. It’s no wonder, then, that hiring resume writers has a positive effect on getting more interview invites. Hence, if you want to get a job, ride the wave and let professional resume writers help you.

To fully benefit from this, you need to make sure that you partner with the best firm. Guess what? We can help you with that! With our comprehensive job search document writing reviews, you can have a great head start in achieving your career goals.