9 Pieces of the Best Career Advice to Guide Millennials in Life

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When it comes to career growth, it’s important that millennials make good career choices early to build a strong foundation to success. Without a guide from experienced professionals, the world of employment can be overwhelming to young aspirants. Life advice such as, “be yourself,” “do what makes you happy,” or “keep your life stress-free” won’t work in this matter. Therefore, cling on each piece of career advice for millennials (like you) to a great start.

Pieces of Career Advice for Millennials

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1. Consider the job you’re passionate about.

It’s common for people, including your family and friends, to push you in getting a job aligned to your college degree right after you graduated from college to help pay the bills. No wise company is going to hire someone whose only purpose is to earn money. Choose a job you’re passionate about. It will earn you experiences and accomplishments that are more valuable than money.

2. Look at your career as a series of experiences.

The most intelligent way to look at your career isn’t how long you’re going to stay in the company. Nurture your professional growth by collecting experiences throughout your careers. For instance, in 15 years, you can work with 5 employers, with one business function in 2 or 3 countries. The series of experiences you gain will give you a better perspective of the world and will make you a more interesting person.

3. Not taking risks is risky.

You’ll never know what life has more to offer if you don’t take risks. In this entrepreneurial, economically-focused society, people who take risks – both in and out of the corporate world – become more successful.

4. Spend more time with people than with your laptop (or smartphone).

The strongest relationships are built-in person, not in social media. Soft skills are more valued in companies, so keep your smartphones and start actually communicating with people.

5. Travel as much as you can.

Before, people see traveling as young adults’ popular leisure to “escape” and explore the world. If you’re a traveler or someone who looks forward to venturing different places, give it a go. Employers now seek for potential candidates who are more than just skills. They’re after those who are fluent in languages and can serve the marketplace regardless of the location.

6. Make an impact.

The early bird catches the early worm. Don’t wait for 3 or 5 years before you can finally make an impact on the company. The earlier you take responsibility to lead a project, the more attention, and support you will gain. Start learning and mastering your job to prepare yourself for bigger responsibilities and prove yourself. By doing so, you will become more valuable in the company, which will rank up your position and increase your wage.

7. Find mentors who live the life you desire.

Leveling up your professional growth early can be grueling without the help of a mentor. Choose the right “teacher” who has the ability and time to support you. That person should be in your industry and is living the lifestyle you desire. By doing so, your mentor will be able to tell you what you need to do every day to get to their level.

8. Embrace your failures.

This is a common career advice for millennials that will never go out of style. There are many lucky young professionals who climbed up the career ladder fast, but just because you’re not one of them, doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Use your shortcomings as your daily reminder to prove yourself that you can make a difference and you will be as successful as your fellow millennials in the future.

9. Establish your own website.

Create your own website where you can store and display your professional information. This will serve as your living resume to attract potential employers and keep a good track of your achievements and projects.

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