The Top CV Writing Services for Every Job Need and Their Benefits to Your Career

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As we live in today’s climate under the global pandemic, competition has become harder among candidates vying for the same job position. In order to come out on top, job seekers have sought for ways to improve their chances of landing their target jobs. As a job hopeful, you need to own an exceptional job search document—the number one tool that you’ll need to get the job.

One of the commonly required job search tools is curriculum vitae, or CV. Unlike a resume, a CV contains a detailed account of one’s academic background, work experience, skills, and other achievements. But how do you write a CV that grabs the hiring manager’s interest in a glance? The secret lies in hiring a CV writing service. Doing this will help you get more chances to receive calls for a job interview right away. With that, here are more benefits of hiring CV writing services.

Benefits of a CV Writing Service

Did you know that hiring a professional writer can give your career a needed boost? Read on as we list seven benefits you (and your job search) can enjoy.

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1. Saves you time and money

You might think otherwise. How can hiring CV writing services save you time and money? It seems to defy logic, sure; but you’ll know how much time and effort it will need to complete a CV once you write your own copy. Writing a strong CV is quite tedious, especially if you don’t know how to write one. That’s why hiring professionals to write it for you is the most effective way to land a job.

2. Knows your audience

Most top-notch CV writing services have been in the industry for decades. With this, they’re already experts at knowing what sparks every HR’s interest. Most top resume writing services also offer services for CV writing, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization. Hence, they already have advanced knowledge of how to write a compelling CV. With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about joining the rejected pile. You can expect that yours is well written and will help you get more job interviews!

3. Gives you a professional look

One vital aspect of a CV is the way it looks, especially for those who are looking for top-level roles. Having an expert-looking tool makes you appear credible to your future employers. Keep in mind, just like other job search tools, your CV serves as your employer’s first impression of you. So what’s better than a complete, engaging, precise, and flawlessly written CV, right?

4. Sets a confident tone

Even though expertly written CVs get the HR’s attention, they’re not enough to win you a job position. With this, your choice of words also matters. The way you narrate your experiences and present your skills also factor into whether you’ll get hired. Thus, take note of the words you use in your resume. This might be tough for some since this involves a great deal of careful judgment. Hence, hiring an expert will save you time—and trouble.

One perk of hiring CV writing services is the knowledge that your document will contain enough keywords that pass the applicant tracking system (ATS). Given the number of applications they receive every day, big firms now use ATS to speed up their screening process. These systems filter out CVs with skills, job duties, and other details irrelevant to the job posts. If your resume doesn’t contain the right keywords, you’ll lose your chance for an interview. Expert CV writers can help you sell your skills and make it easier for you to appear among the top 25% of all applicants.

6. Writes your CV objectively

This isn’t impossible to do, but writing your own CV without the urge to hard sell your skills is still tough. You’ll want to write everything that shows off your feats. However, a professional resume writer knows what to include in your CV and just zero in on them. This way, it will only include useful and apt info, putting first what matters most.

7. Tailors your CV for each job post

Once you’ve tailored your CV for each job post, you’ll get a higher chance of landing your target job than your rivals. The best CV writing services do exactly this, tailoring your CV for you without hassle. In doing so, you’ll appear as an applicant who not only had done their research but also possesses a genuine interest in the post.  

These are just a few perks of hiring professional resume writing services to aid you with your job hunt. If you want to know more about resume tips and tricks, browse through our resume writing tips.

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Top CV Writing Services for 2023—and Beyond

Affordable CV Writing Service: Resume Valley

The first thing job seekers look for in a CV writing service is its price. If you want a quality resume for an affordable price, Resume Valley is the best choice for you. They have one of the lowest rates among resume and CV services, with prices only ranging from $69 to $99. Resume Valley is also perfect for those who want simple and direct CVs.

CV Writing Service for Executives: Resume Prime

Resume Prime prides itself of making the best top-level resumes. They tailor each resume to your every career need, granting you higher chances of getting the job. Making sure that your CVs will always serve as your employer’s first impression, the company maintains its team of resume experts can create job-winning resumes and CVs fit for someone eyeing a C-level or management post.

Top CV Writing Service: Resume Professional Writers

Known as the top resume writing service for 21 years and running, Resume Professional Writers offers ATS-friendly resumes and CVs which secure you 3x more job interviews. Their professionally written resumes and other job search tools such as CV and cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile optimization are impressively industry-focused and guaranteed to aid you with your job search. Along with these, they also offer top-notch customer service, offering you unlimited revisions to your document that are free of charge.

Still have doubts on whether you should hire an expert CV writing service? Contact us and tell us what you need!

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