Guide to Corporate Parties and Enjoyable Office Game Ideas

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Workplace might be extra challenging during holidays. Deadlines, tons of workload, and meetings might pile up before the season ends. Fortunately, there are office events to motivate employees during this time of the year, such as office parties. Lighten up the season’s mood with these office game ideas and events guide.

What to Expect at Corporate Parties

Companies hold office parties to celebrate holidays and show gratitude to their employees’ efforts. These events also encourage staff to create a more dynamic working relationship. Usually, companies hold big events, such as Christmas parties, before the Yuletide season ends. This might involve games, raffles, and other presentations.

However, this grand celebration would not happen without careful planning. So, if you’re part of the event planning team, check out these enjoyable office Christmas party games ideas. This list of office games would surely lighten up everyone’s mood.

Top 10 Fun Office Game Ideas to Try

Are you looking for funny Christmas party games to play this holiday? Check out these games and take your party to the next level!

1. Pin Rudolph’s Red Nose

What you need:
– Printout of Rudolph
– Pieces of round red paper
– Double adhesive tape
– Blindfold

How to play:
This fun office Christmas party game will surely crack up everyone. To begin, choose five participants and give each one a reindeer’s nose paper cut-out. Then, blindfold and spin the players 10 times. After this, tell them to pin the nose on Rudolph. Finally, whoever pins the red nose closest to the target spot wins the game.

2. Fill the Christmas Stocking

What you need:
– Spoons
– Clean socks
– Candies

How to play:
Five or more participants in each team will race through the obstacles to fill their team’s hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candies. Then, the first team to fill the sock wins.

3. Christmas Tree Stack

What you need:
– Paper cups

How to play:
This game can either be played individually or by group. Players need to stack up a pile of paper cups and put them back into a single stack. The player or team with the shortest time to complete the goal wins the game.

4. Human Christmas Tree

What you need:
– Green crepe paper
– Ornaments or any Christmas decor each team can find

How to play:
Members of three teams will wrap their human Christmas tree in green crepe paper and decorate him/her with ornaments or anything they can find. Then the team with the best decorated human Christmas tree wins.

5. Jingle Bell Races

What you need:
– Bell decors
– Paper Straws

How to play:
Players of this game need to blow the bell decors across the table using paper straws. If the bell falls off the table, the player needs to place back the bell at the starting line and begin again. The first one who reaches the end line in the fastest time possible wins the game. You may also form teams to make this game more thrilling.

6. Snowman Shake

What you need:
– White ping-pong balls
– tissue boxes
– ribbon

How to play:
This minute to win it Christmas game can be played by 5 to 10 players. Each player needs to tie the tissue boxes filled with ping pong balls in their backs. The goal is to empty the box by moving or jumping. The player who empties the box fastest wins the game.

7. Ornament on a Spoon

What you need:
– Round ornaments
– Spoons
– Chairs

How to play:
Instead of balancing an egg, participants will balance a Christmas tree ornament on a spoon. Grouped in teams of three, the first team to complete the rounds while running around the obstacle with the ornament still on their spoon wins.

8. Santa Limbo

What you need:
– Pillows
– Limbo stick

How to play:
Ask five participants to do the limbo but add a twist. How? Put a “Santa belly” under their shirt using a pillow. The only person who makes it through the last round without his/her belly touching the limbo stick wins.

9. Blindfold Christmas Drawing

What you need:
– Pen
– Paper
– Blindfold

How to play:
Divide 10 players into pairs. Then, the partner with the blindfold in each pair will draw a Christmas tree on a paper while his/her partner gives or tells him/her the directions. Finally, the pair who draws the best Christmas tree will take the prize.

10. Ornament Guess

If you’re looking for office Christmas party games for large groups, check out this game. You can include everyone and make the crowd livelier. Ask all the guests to join and roughly guess the total sum of ornaments on the Christmas tree. In effect, the one with the closest guess wins.

Office Game Ideas Guide

Experience the Fun of Office Games and Parties

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