Alternatives to Commonly Used Resume Phrases

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Your resume is your means to sell yourself to an employer. In fact, it must be enticing enough for the hiring manager to want to take the time to interview you. Thus, avoiding overused and cliche phrases will not only make your resume stand out but will, likewise, show you’re putting extra effort in showing the employer your skills. If possible, add specific examples that are results-oriented and give figures that show your skills. In the same way, here is a list of overused resume phrases and examples of better alternatives you can use to improve them. At length, some are role specific; however, you can adapt them to fit your industry and position.

Alternatives to Overused Resume Phrases

  • Overused Phrase: Excellent Communication Skills
    Better Alternatives:
    Possesses superior communication skills, both verbal and written; Communicated on a professional and technical level; Conveyed ideas quickly and effectively in an influential manner.
  • Overused Phrase: Possesses Great Leadership Skills
    Better Alternatives:
    Gave decisive, proactive leadership in many project conditions; Conveyed ideas quickly and effectively in a powerful manner; Led a team of seven associates to form a program that rather involved employees in decisions that affect them; Helped workers and managers adjust to an internal merger in March 2007; Thrives working in a team environment and in positions of leadership.
  • Overused Phrase: Highly Committed and Motivated Employee
    Better Alternatives: Known for superior work ethic and high levels of productivity; Honored as “Employee of the Year” in 2006; Awarded with a $500 bonus for working overtime to meet end-of-month closing deadlines; Completed two DOL Wage & Hours Division Audits in 2006, resulting in no fines or penalties; Launched the production of a semi-monthly employee newsletter to help keep the workforce informed. Took full responsibility for its creation and distribution.
  • Overused Phrase: Implemented Programs to Cut Costs
    Better Alternative:
    Created and applied an employee referral program to reduce hiring costs by over 1/3; thus, raising the quality of applicants and cutting the turnover rate.
  • Overused Phrase: Excellent Follow-Up Skills
    Better Alternatives:
    Tracked and confirmed all personnel that completed the training, medical, equipment, and paperwork requirements; Created a postcard mailer to further send to job applicants to tell them their application reached us.
  • Overused Phrase: Team Player
    Better Alternatives: Prepared benefit packages for 3,000 document requirements for each of the organization’s nine divisions; Worked with a group of HR associates to rather coordinate and conduct an Annual Open Enrollment that gave workers the chance to meet providers and ask benefit-related questions.

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