Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Working Mother

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A working mom using her laptop with a glass of milk at her side

Today, we no longer see a woman as a stay-at-home mother with stereotyped tasks. In the past, we used to define motherhood that involves lifelong goals of taking care of children and doing household chores alone. That all changed when people worldwide fought for the freedom we enjoy today. Women now play a vital role to contribute to the economy, thus proving they can compete in the job market. Still, some believe mothers should be staying home and tend to their children’s needs. However, women of today beg to differ. So, what are the pros and cons of being working moms?

Pros of Being a Working Mother

Even if they can’t attend to their children full-time, working mothers experience various benefits with their living status. We listed some of these advantages below.

1. Working moms become positive role models.

Children should know women shouldn’t be just domestic servants. Instead, a woman can be someone who works outside the home and pursue a professional career. This instills in children the idea that a woman’s role can include a thriving career apart from domestic tasks. Working for a living knows no gender—and working moms are a living proof of that.

A working mother carrying her child along the shores of a beach

2. They raise more independent children.

Children of working mothers tend to become more independent. Since working moms need to teach kids how to do chores on their own, they develop a strong sense of responsibility at an early age.

3. Working moms are less prone to depression.

According to Robert Locke, health expert and contributor in Lifehack, stay-at-home mothers are likely to suffer from depression. This finding may negatively contribute to childcare. So, as a working mom, it’s a good thing you can fight depression and anxiety in your own way.

4. They have stories to tell outside their personal life.

Aside from their family life, working parents have the opportunity to extend their circle with their colleagues. This also lets them go on work outings and bring along their children. That’s quality time with their family and colleagues in one.

Cons of Being a Working Mother

While it has its fair share of upsides, being a working mom also has its downsides. Here are some of them.

1. Working moms are more tired and stressed.

Just imagine working for nine hours, suffering through the traffic while driving home, and going home to restless children who need a parent’s attention. Working moms go through these almost every day, along with other matters they need to attend to.

A working mom getting her blood pressure checked

2. They are also prone to health issues.

What happens when you involve working mothers with stress? Health issues. Having the same daily routine with little to no rest can put a mother’s health at risk, which can result to more problems.

3. They may miss out on the lives of their kids.

Some working moms miss out on the opportunity to witness their child’s first word, first step, and other priceless moments. Thus, it’s a drawback faced by a working mom supporting her family.

4. Working moms may also have less time for their family.

At times, they can’t attend family events due to their busy schedules. Also, some working moms tend to dedicate most of their time in their careers, so they may have less attention to family matters.

Work-Life Balance for Working Moms

Aside from knowing the pros and cons of being a working mom, read about helpful tips how one can juggle the joys of life and stresses of work.

While having to provide for their family financially, working women can take steps helping them achieve a more worthwhile work-life balance. With that, heed these pieces of advice.

1. Accept help whenever you can get it.

From babysitting, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or even doing the laundry, let your family, friends, and colleagues help you. If they initiate to offer a helping hand, take it. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Surround yourself with supportive people.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support especially during tough times. Surrounding yourself with people who trust you and will help you through thick and thin helps you manage your life better.

3. Learn self-care.

Yes, you may be providing for your family while making your career worthwhile; but it doesn’t mean leaving yourself out. Meditate, exercise, go shopping, get your hair and nails done, or get a massage. Self-care helps us become less susceptible to depression, anxiety, stress, and other emotional health issues.

A healthy breakfast prepared by a working mom

4. Make mornings easier.

Organize your chores the night before. Avoid a frenzied morning by doing this. Pack your kids’ lunches, iron their clothes, and decide what you want to make for breakfast.

5. Limit distractions.

Children are dependent on their parent’s attention. Their emotional development and well-being depend on how much time you spend with them. So discipline yourself and set a time limit when checking your phone or watching TV.

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