How Employee Engagement is Vital for One’s Productivity at Work

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Employee Engagement and Its Importance to Your Work Productivity

Devoting ourselves to our job helps us finish more tasks. Though, not every one of us feels the same way. Not all employees feel a deep purpose and meaning in their current job. One way to solve this is through employee engagement, a vital concept for boosting one’s work efficiency.

What is employee engagement?

Toward a more engaged workforce, businesses ensure employee engagement. What’s that, you ask? It’s when employees are eager about their jobs, feel loyal to the company, and put unenforced effort into their work. Thus, note these key points to achieve effective employee engagement.

More empathic leadership

More empathic leadership helps promote better employee engagement in the workplace.

An inspiring leader who’s highly attuned to other people’s needs creates more team engagement. It makes their colleagues more passionate and motivated in their jobs. Further, a leader who’s a good team player brings out high levels of team cooperation. This lets employees become more confident in their work hence being more productive at what they do.

Work-life blend

Aside from work-life balance, top companies promote flexibility. How do they do this? Some companies no longer require employees to come to the office every day or to finish their work between their standard work hours. What matters is the positive outcomes of their tasks. Once achieved, more companies will start or go on with this path to give their staff a sense of work-life blend.

Extreme Careerism in the Workplace

What happens when one aims to advance their career even at the cost of their principles? Enter extreme careerism. It’s the way to advance one’s career and power through any needed positive or negative subjective activities.

Key signs of careerism

Being a careerist means having a strong tendency to focus on short-lived efforts to advance their own interests rather than that of the business. Further, careerists tend to:

  • Aim to climb the career ladder;
  • Sacrifice moral values and ethics to reach their goals by all means;
  • Devote more time working to pursue own interests; and
  • Lack moral support and principles.

To avoid extreme careerism, heed these helpful tips:

  • Set your priorities
  • Balance your work life with personal life
  • Broaden your circle of friends or colleagues
  • Spend more time on hobbies and leisure

Sure enough, it takes time for you to fully become the ideal employee for your target job. How will you do this? Take one small step to start your quest and reach your goal.

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