10 Best Resume Writers Share Keyword Optimization Secrets

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are now the buzz in the highly competitive job market. Now that technology is finally coming, and sometimes, intervening with the application process, every job seeker ought to know how to use it to their advantage. Here, the 10 best resume writers spill techniques on how to pass the electronic screening with tips on keyword optimization.

Top Resume Writer’s Secrets on Keyword Optimization

1. Use language from the job posting.

Resume readers basically use a certain set of keywords as a reference. The presence of these precious terms on your application paper determines whether you pass or not — it’s that simple. Now, the big problem is: you don’t know the keywords. It’s a blindside, so you have to guess them yourself. Experts say that the best place to find the most probable key terms is right in the job posting. Load your application with lots of skills and abilities too, because most of the times, the program is looking for qualitative indicators.

2. Never put a picture or any graphic on your paper.

Pictures can never be read or interpreted correctly by computers. In order to ensure that you’ll have a flawless resume even if the employer converts yours to ASCII format, you have to ditch out the unreadable elements like graphics and tables and borders. Remember that computers can’t read anything other than plain text. Unless you’re sure that a human will first read your document, stick to the simple and undersigned.

3. Use standard fonts.

sample of standard fonts used in resume keyword optimizationAny fancy typeface will probably be ignored by a programming language as simple as ASCII. If you don’t want your document to appear like a string of blank boxes before the computer reads them, then you have to shift your typeface and format to the standard types like Arial and Times New Roman. The 10 best companies of resume writers believe that the layout is only secondary to what is written. After all, when it comes to application papers, it’s only the content that matters.

4. Always put the contact details at the top.

Some applicant scanners automatically send you an e-mail right after they’ve checked your application. They often do that to inform you of the next instruction in the hiring process. Better check your spam folder to know whether you’re missing an important notification from this computer. Otherwise, if you didn’t put your contact details, you won’t receive any notification; thus, disqualifying you from the next selection process. For the secret sauce of easier readability, the 10 best resume writers recommend you to always put your contact details at the topmost part of the document.

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