10 Best Resume Writing Services in Charlotte to Hire This 2023

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best resume writing services in Charlotte

As things have begun going back to normal after more than two years of the pandemic, the job market has become more competitive in different parts of the country, including in Charlotte, NC. The number of job opportunities increases, as do the job seekers. If you want to have a head start, it’s best to hire the top resume writing services in Charlotte, NC.

Paying for your resume doesn’t just give you convenience; it also increases your chances of getting past the applicant tracking system (ATS). Moreover, it buys you time to prepare for job interviews and other matters. In order to leverage resume writing, you need to hire the most trusted resume firm.

List of the 10 Best Resume Writing Services in Charlotte

Effective resume writing is crucial to getting the attention of the hiring manager. It serves as your marketing tool to show what you’re capable of. Thus, if you don’t have the time and aren’t confident in writing your job search documents, you’d better trust the job to professional resume writers. That way, you can be at ease that you’ll receive a quality resume.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are 10 of the top resume writing services in Charlotte, NC.


1. Resume Professional Writers

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First on our list of best resume writing services in Charlotte is Resume Professional Writers (RPW). They have maintained a stellar reputation with their 20-plus years of experience in the field; helping job seekers in various industries secure jobs. Regardless of whether you’re an entry-level, career shifter, or C-level professional, they can cater to your job hunting needs. No wonder they have a 96% annual customer satisfaction rating.

Perks: RPW ensures that their clients are updated with the progress of their job search documents. Not to mention, they are one of the resume writing services in Charlotte that offers the fastest turnaround time of 1 business day. If you’re in a rush, this firm is the best option for you.

In addition, Resume Professional Writers offer free resume reviews to help job seekers revamp their resume. Furthermore, they guarantee unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied with your job search documents.

Fails: Their lines are available to tend to your concerns. However, this only applies during weekdays. Since they observe holidays and weekends, they only deliver projects on business days.

Delivery Time: RPW’s resume writing turnaround time differs depending on the package you choose. They can deliver your resume in 1 business day for the Ultimate package, 2 business days for the Premium package, 3 business days for the Deluxe package, and 4 business days for the Basic package.

Price Range: Their Basic package starts at $125; with $195 for Deluxe, $305 for Premium, and , and $485 for the Ultimate package.

Contact: 1 (877) 285-5492

Reviews: 4/5 on Google | 4.4/5 on Facebook | 4.4/5 on Trustpilot

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2. Resume Writing Group

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The Resume Writing Group is home to professional resume writers who have 10 or more years of experience in the field. They make certain that their team is skilled and experienced enough to guarantee that, not only will you receive interview invitations; you will also be assisted on your job search process. That said, they offer a 45-day guarantee where they will write you a new job search tool and give you tips on sending your applications.

Perks: Their support team is very satisfactory. You can reach them through their client services center and you’ll get a prompt response. You can also connect with them through phone call or chat. Plus, they guarantee their clients that all resume writing projects are handled by seasoned full-time professionals in the United States or Canada.

Fails: They send resumes and cover letters in one file. While this could be convenient when uploading job search documents, some job seekers prefer it to be in 2 separate documents.

Delivery Time: Their standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days. If you need your resume right away, they have an option for rush projects to speed up your order.

Price Range: Their resume writing service rates start at $99 for student and entry-level resumes, $149 for professional resumes, $199 for senior & high-level executive resumes, and $189 for federal & government resumes.

Contact: 1 (800) 466-3076

Reviews: 4/5 on Trustpilot | 4.5/5 on Google

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3. Skilled Resumes

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Skilled Resumes is known as one of the top executive resume writers in the United States, especially in Charlotte, NC. They started as a recruiting agency, which gives them the edge in connecting their clients to companies, aside from their knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for in a job candidate.

Perks: They offer not just civilian resumes; they can also write you a job-winning resume regardless of the industry you’re in. Moreover, they also offer other job search tools such as LinkedIn profile makeovers by SEO experts.

Fails: Their resume writing services are incomparably expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, try other firms from our list of resume writing services in Charlotte.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time is 7 business days.

Price Range: Their resume writing service rates start at $225 to $925.

Contact: 1 (888) 858-7545

Reviews: 5/5 based on 20 Google reviews

skilled resumes customer review

4. Resume Prime

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Resume Prime is another reliable resume writing service in Charlotte. They take pride in their high-quality yet affordable job search document writing services. They assure their clients that they will get nothing but the best professional resume writing service by delivering keyword-optimized, ATS-ready, and targeted resumes, cover letters, and other job search tools.

Perks: Aside from their professionally written resumes, you can also avail of their helpful add-ons such as interview follow-up letters, statements of purpose, annotated portfolio writing, and thank-you letters, to name a few. Additionally, they guarantee their clients with free unlimited revisions until they meet their total satisfaction, up to six months from the sign-up date.

Fails: They only offer their resume writing services during the weekdays. Hence, if you need your job search tool right away, make sure to order it in advance.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time is 3 business days.

Price Range: They offer 4 resume writing service packages—Starter, Essential, Advanced, and Federal, and their rates are $190, $230, $300, and $330, respectively.

Contact: 1 (888) 846-9272

Reviews: 3.6/5 on Trustpilot

resume prime customer review

5. Andy Thomas Careers

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Andy Thomas Careers is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. They thrive in the state and are recognized as one of the top-performing resume writing services in Charlotte. They guarantee that each resume is custom-tailored to the position you’re eyeing. Their expertise in highlighting your work experience and qualifications to optimize your resume assures you that your document is effective.

Perks: They take job search to the next level by offering not just resume writing, but also career coaching.

Fails: Some important details can’t be found on their website. Therefore, you’re asked to contact them first to get vital information such as resume writing process turnaround time, and service offerings and rates.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time isn’t mentioned on their site.

Price Range: The rates for resume writing services aren’t specified on their website. If you want to know more about their services, you need to book a free consultation.

Contact: 1 (704) 486-9021

Reviews: 5/5 based on 27 Google reviews

andy thomas careers now customer review

6. American Resumes

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American Resumes is one of the top-ranked resume writing services in Charlotte. They take pride in having an elite team of 12 professional writers who are equipped and knowledgeable in compliance with the resume writing associations such as CPRW, NRWA, and PARW. In addition, they assure their clients of successful interview invites within 60 days.

Perks: American Resumes secures an annual customer satisfaction rate of 96%, which is above the average industry standard in the US. Furthermore, they can issue you a refund in the event that you’re still not satisfied with their services.

Fails: As of writing this, American Resumes houses 12 professional writers. This factor affects their turnaround time, especially when they have a long queue of clients.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time isn’t stated on their website. Since they only have 12 resume writers, you can expect to wait longer to receive your job search documents than other firms.

Price Range: They offer 3 packages—entry-level, middle-level career shifters, and senior executive resumes for $99, $199, and $299, respectively.

Contact: 1 (888) 902-0749

Reviews: N/A


7. The Resume Sage

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The Resume Sage has been in the business since 2008. With their 14-plus years of experience in the field, they have helped over a thousand job seekers land their target careers. They provide quality resume writing and other job search needs, especially in industries; which include banking, finance, sales, strategy, product management, analytics, accounting, HR, law, treasury, supply chain, risk management, and technology.

Perks: Aside from resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing, they also offer other job search services such as coaching and online courses.

Fails: The Resume Sage’s service rates are expensive compared to other resume writing services in Charlotte, NC.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time is 5 to 20 business days.

Price Range: Their resume writing services begin at $995.

Contact: 1 (704) 358-6000

Reviews: 4.8/5 based on 16 Google reviews

the resume sage customer review

8. Resume Valley

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Resume Valley is one of the best resume writing services in Charlotte, especially when it comes to affordability. Their services are direct and easy to purchase. They offer civilian resumes, curriculum vitae, and LinkedIn profile writing services. With their expertise in resume writing, you can be at ease that your job search documents are keyword-optimized and are ready to leave a lasting impression on hiring managers.

Perks: They offer cost-effective and job-winning resume writing services. Additionally, they also offer unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied with your tool.

Fails: Their services are limited to 3 offerings. If you’re looking for a one-stop job search service provider, you could opt for other resume writing services in Charlotte.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time is 5 business days.

Price Range: Their resume and CV writing services cost $99, and $69 for a LinkedIn profile makeover.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 3.6/5 on Trustpilot

resume valley review in trustpilot

9. Launch Point

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Launch Point is home to certified professional resume writers. Thus, you have the assurance that your job search needs are handled by experts in resume writing and in the field you’re eyeing.

Perks: They offer services that could boost every step toward your career goals, such as professional resumes, CVs, ATS-tested resume templates, and job search and interview prep support.

Fails: Payment methods are limited to PayPal.

Delivery Time: Turnaround time isn’t stated on their website.

Price Range: They offer several job search services, and their resume and cover letter service bundle starts at $47.

Contact: You can reach them through their website or email them at [email protected].

Reviews: N/A


10. ARC Resumes

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Last on our resume writing services in Charlotte list is ARC Resumes. They are confident in their top-notch resume services, guaranteeing their clients twice the number of interview invites. If you haven’t received an invite in 60 days, they’ll rewrite your resume for free. If you haven’t gotten interview invites in 90 days, they’ll give you a refund.

Perks: They offer free resume reviews and other job search tools. They also have services that cater to the needs of job seekers and newly hired professionals.

Fails: Some pertinent information isn’t indicated on their website, such as turnaround time, payment methods, and time of availability.

Delivery Time: Turnaround time isn’t specified on their site.

Price Range: They have 3 available packages—Basic, Standard, and Professional for $197, $297, and $397, respectively.

Contact: 1 (770) 692-3189

Reviews: 5/5 based on 39 Google reviews

arc resumes customer review

Let the Best Resume Writing Service in Charlotte, NC Tailor Your Resume

Hiring resume writers can increase your chances of beating the ATS and attracting the interest of hiring managers. Their expertise in writing job search documents can help you with your hunt to secure a job. However, this is only possible if you entrust the task to reputable and knowledgeable resume writing services in Charlotte, NC.

That said; you need to weigh which resume writing firm is best for your job search needs, budget, and other factors you’re looking for as a resume writer. As a trusted resume writing service review site, it’s our goal to help each job seeker find the best fit for them. Hence, feel free to check out our other comprehensive resume writing service reviews.