10 Best Companies to Work for in the United States

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Google is one of the 10 best companies in the united states

As goal-oriented professionals, we would like nothing more but to work for one of the 10 best companies in the United States. Employers who treat their employees right, give benefits, offer great career opportunities, and pay handsomely—to name a few.

Thus, to help you choose a corporation, we compiled the 10 best companies in the United States—from Forbes and Statista’s survey—and why workers stay loyal to them.

10 Best Companies in the United States

1. Google

This industry giant has topped every “best” list it’s in, and with good reason. According to past and present employees, here are the top reasons they love Google:

– Every staff member’s work is important to the company’s continuous success. They all feel their significance.
– The benefits aren’t just for the employees, but for their families as well.
– The company houses some of the best talents in the world.
– Exceptional career opportunities and professional growth.
– Unparalleled office perks: from on-site doctors and hair stylists to gourmet cafeteria food (see The Internship for a fun, albeit a little inaccurate, visual reference).

2. Costco Wholesale

Every person in the United States knows what Costco is. It’s ranked as the best retailer to work for and lands second in the overall list. Here’s why:

– As of December 2014, regular Costco employees earn around $20/hour compared to the industry’s national average at $12.20. Even part-time workers are paid very well.
– Healthcare benefits are company-sponsored.
– The firm believes in internal hiring, giving more career growth to a huge number of employees.
– During Thanksgiving Day, staff need not work (others also said they’re given free turkey on this holiday).

3. Marathon Petroleum

One of the largest petrol product refiners, marketers, and transporters in the United States, Marathon Petroleum is the third best employer in the country. Here’s what its employees have to say:

– Supportive managers and approachable people.
– Great work-life balance.
– Good pay and amazing benefits.

4. The Container Store

Apparently, employees have a hard time “containing” their enthusiasm for the company because they’re truly happy and satisfied. Here’s what makes The Container Store a great workplace:

– Employee development with annual training for both full-time and part-time workers.
– Amazing environment with warm and welcoming co-workers.
– Great compensation and wonderful health benefits—both for insurance coverages and onsite benefits.
– We Love Our Employees Day, celebrated on Valentine’s Day (workers get gifts, love notes, and hugs from the company)

5. L.L.Bean, Inc.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you into fashion? If you answer “yes” to both, then this place is where you’ll fit. Here’s why:

– Employee development with training and workshops, as well as college tuition reimbursement: $5k+ annually.
– A lot of outdoor activities that build relationships among workers.
– Work-life balance; after a year, employees get 23 days of holiday and vacation leaves; also given is a 180-day maternity leave.
– Positively promotes and encourages health and wellness among its employees.

6. Baxter International

Baxter International aims to help more people with chronic and acute medical conditions. With such a great vision, its employees are also very happy. Here are their reasons:

– They work under flexible schedules.
– They have challenging and rewarding work.
– Their colleagues are supportive and helpful.

7. BMW Group

We all know BMW, right? It’s one of the best car manufacturers in the world, and now it’s also the 7th best employer in the America. Reasons behind this title are:

– Employees can drive their own BMW or MINI at very attractive prices.
– They receive health and fitness provisions, as well as support for leisure activities.
– They get opportunities for temporary (or permanent) foreign reassignment.

8. Shaw Industries

Considered as the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with more than 22,000 employees, Shaw Industries is 8th in the list because of these reasons:

– Great work environment, with friendly and supportive co-workers.
– Excellent pay and good benefits.
– Opportunity to continue education.

9. Wegmans Food Markets

“The best grocery store in America.” Consumer Reports says this about Wegmans Food Markets. In fact, here are the great things about this family-owned empire:

– College reimbursement for employees available: $2,200
– Great pay: Hourly worker: $33k+ (avg.), Salaried worker: $62,800 (avg.)
– Offers compressed work weeks.

10. Harley-Davidson

I don’t know of a man who doesn’t know the granddaddy of bikes. Harley-Davidson isn’t only a manufacturer of powerful bikes, but also a great employer. Here’s why employees love it:

– Great culture with an amazing history.
– Health, dental, vision, and retirement benefits.
– Nice facilities and amenities.

No matter what industry you’re in, you deserve to be a part of the 10 best companies in the United States and in the world. It’s one thing to love your dream job and another to love your employer. Therefore, prepare your job-hunting tools. Likewise, view our best resume writing services reviews to find your perfect career development partner.

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