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As a trusted resume reviews site who provides objective analyses of the top resume writing companies and firms, we believe that job seekers like you need expert resume help to ace your job search. With that, we’ve compiled the most effective resume writing tips and pointers in crafting your resume to help you catch the recruiters’ attention. Further, we’ve put together the guidelines for choosing the best resume writing service provider based on your job needs.


Heed These Resume Writing Tips

Expert Resume Help: Resume Writing Tips

Now you may ask: How do I write a good resume?


1. Prepare your credentials, work history, and achievements.

Don’t start writing your resume without preparing all the information you need. To save time, gather your credentials and compile them on your working draft. As you start writing your resume, all the necessary details will be in one place.

2. Choose the best resume format and layout.

Since you’re applying for a job, ensure a professional job search document. So, learn various resume formats and use the most appropriate one that suits your goals. Consider your education, job experience, and skills as well.

3. List your relevant experiences along with your accomplishments.

Recruiters would want to know and learn how you are qualified for the job. The best way to do this is to list your experiences relevant to your target job. In addition, include your notable accomplishments to further strengthen your qualifications.

4. Proofread and edit.

To avoid resume mistakes, do a spellcheck and grammar proofing. Set your resume aside for a while after writing it. Check and read it again for possible errors you might have overlooked. Go over your resume to make sure you’re not leaving out anything.


Tick Items on This Resume Checklist

Expert Resume Help: Resume Checklist

Ensure your resume is on fleek. However, don’t overdo it—you don’t have to fill your resume with flowery words without listing the proper experiences to back them up. That said, here’s a quick checklist to make sure your resume is good to go:


  • No more than two fonts nor two font sizes
  • Margins between 0.8″ and 1.5″
  • MS Word and PDF file formats
  • Quality bond paper (if you need to print it out)


  • Relevant experiences
  • Proper resume keywords and action verbs
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Clear, direct profile summary
  • Complete contact details

Review These Guidelines in Choosing the Best Resume Writing Service

Do you want to ensure an employer callback through your resume? Seek expert resume help. Here are the signs that you already need a resume makeover:

  • You know for yourself that resume writing is not for you.
  • You’re unsure of what and what not to put on your resume.
  • You may lack the experiences or skills required for the job you’re applying for (hence the need for expert resume help).

With that, review these 4 R’s to see how you must choose the best resume writing service for you.

1. Research about the resume writing company.

Any client would want to know or at least get a glimpse of their money’s worth. When searching for resume writing services online, make sure to visit and navigate the company’s website. Assess its appearance. Does it help you find what you need with ease? Does it contain the complete contact information of the company? What are their value offers that set them apart from other resume services? As a keen consumer, you must consider all of these to make sure you’re not hiring a mediocre resume service provider.

2. Read client reviews and testimonials.

One way for you to know if a resume writing service is worth it is to read reviews from their past clients. See if they are satisfied with the service, and check if they have specific service recommendations. This provides you an idea of whether you should hire their service or keep looking for other worthwhile resume writing firms.

3. Review the writer’s credentials.

Check if they have certifications and ask about their experiences as a resume writer. You may also check out their writers’ and the company’s LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their professional background and online reputation. Doing this helps you determine better where to get a resume done professionally.

4. Request for a free resume review.

Ask for a free resume critique or consultation. This process gives you the quality of the company’s customer service and resume outputs. However, not all resume writing companies and firms offer a free resume review, but there’s no harm in asking them if they do.


Expert Resume Help from Best 10 Resume Writers

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