Unmasking the Issues on Free Resume Builder Usage

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Job interviewer reviewing application made by free resume builder

The Internet has been an impressive hub for various online products and services. From the virtual role-playing games (RPGs) products (armor, swords, and potions) to coupons, dating services, and online lotteries, the Internet remarkably never runs out of things to offer.

Moreover, it has also served as a gateway for a number of career and employment services. As a matter of fact, a lot of outsourcing and web-based firms are offering resume writing services online. These firms brag about their extraordinary skills for people from all walks of life and career backgrounds.

Typically, this kind of services starts by signing up for the service. After the agreement and payment are finalized, the initial writing process begins. Once the requirements are successfully satisfied and fulfilled, the final application documents along with other package perks are sent to the client.

Aside from introducing online career products and services, it is also through the Internet that a word processing macro or a computer program known as a resume builder was introduced to netizens or Web enthusiasts. It can be available for a particular fee or subscription price. Nonetheless, there are also free resume builder and career services online.  In order to save, some people would opt to use free services rather than pay for a similar deal.

A free resume builder is, indeed, helpful for a job applicant especially in formatting different sections. It is essential to be reminded that the output of the software depends on the type of information and data entered into the system.

Despite the “free lunch” that free application document building services provide, job seekers should be wary of using this type of service. This is because of the number of issues coexisting with this type of service. Issues and concerns raised about the services include security issues, the trustworthiness of the provider, and the level of satisfaction of users.


Today, people are more security and safety conscious. They are not easily swayed to provide their personal information to suspicious services and entities.

With the emergence of annoying spamming activities around the Web, people cautiously select whom they want to deal with. Since spams hang around the World Wide Web, sites offering free application building are treated as a possible scam site. Moreover, Internet users are becoming suspicious of any site that requires their personal information to access the site’s services. The fear of having their privacy and accounts compromised lead users to stop using such services.


Using application document building at no cost is not an assurance of getting the finest and the most powerful interview-landing pre-employment document. The user is still in charge of the overall creation of the document. The outcome of the application depends on the information feed into the system. Aside from the data inputs, the program user has the control in customizing the structure or format of the document by choosing what he thinks is the best template or pattern, font size, font style, line spacing.

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