Making a Good First Impression with Your Body Language during a Job Interview

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job interview body language

Body language says a lot about human beings. Sadly, many job hopefuls—mostly career shifters and recent graduates—don’t know how to project the right image when coming to a job interview.


Which body movements can boost your hiring chances and ruin your job quest? Find out from the list below:


1. Look around calmly.
While waiting, sit properly and keep a good posture until the interviewer calls your name. Kill off boredom by looking around steadily.

2. Follow where the company representative leads you and mirror his/her demeanor.
This doesn’t just mean that you understand the protocol but signal that you can easily adapt to the environment.

3. Extend a firm, gentle handshake.
Offer your right hand. Squeeze the interviewer’s hand mildly.

4. Do eye contact.
This signifies sincerity and honesty. While making eye contact builds trust, break it briefly every 10 seconds.

5. Place your palms on your lap.
When you’re sitting and talking, keep your hands above your laps. This way, you won’t distract the hiring manager.

6. Gesture your hands above the desk.
Do not hesitate to use your hands when you talk. However, make sure you do not overdo it and keep your hand movements within chest level.

7. Display your neck, chest, and stomach area.
Positioning your body this way conveys that you are open, warm, and confident.

8. Smile.
Wear a happy face whenever you enter the building. Don’t forget to utter “hi” whenever someone greets you.

Do Not:

1. Slouch.
Be careful not to slouch into your seat during the interview. Never show your interview that you’re too relaxed as if you’re watching a movie.

2. Bite your nails.
This unprofessional act is but a sign of nervousness.

3. Clench your fist.
Do not frighten your interviewer by clenching your fist. This gesture means you’re struggling to control your anger.

4. Rub your nose.
Hiring managers translate this action as a sign of dishonesty.

5. Shake your legs.
Jiggling your legs could be a sign of impatience and boredom.

6. Put a handbag or briefcase on your lap.
This could mean that you are trying to hide something or building a wall around you.

7. Stretch your legs and throw your arms in any direction.
Moving your arms like this will make you appear too comfortable. Avoid doing this during the interview.

8. Lean too far forward.
Though leaning into a table could project sincerity, interest, and confidence, doing it too much could make you appear too close to the interviewer. Refrain from making any unnecessary movements and lean only slightly forward, about 10 degrees.

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