20 High Paying Jobs You Might Not Know

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People in the medical field, pilots, and lawyers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the world. Landing a career in these industries is not a joke considering how strict they are with education, certificates, and licenses. Most people don’t have the means to acquire the necessary degree needed for such highly-demanding jobs; others are simply not interested in those fields. To change things up a bit, we created a list of high paying jobs that most people might not be familiar with:

High Paying Jobs that Concentrates on Skill

20. Archivist

Annual Median Salary: $49,120*

What They Do: This high paying job is in charge of the appraising, editing, and safekeeping of permanent records and historically precious documents.

19. Court Stenographer

Annual Median Salary: $49,860*

What They Do: They capture, save, recover, and transcribe pretrial and trial proceedings using verbatim techniques and equipment.

18. Live Mannequin

Annual Median Salary: $51,000 (As of Sept. 2015, according to Simply Hired)

What They Do: These professionals in this type of high paying jobs have been trained to act as mannequins in stores. They can interact with customers or change poses like a normal mannequin.

17. Internal Auditor

Annual Median Salary: $52,688**

What They Do: This kind of high paying jobs use their analyzing skills in raking the goods. They provide insight and recommendations based on analysis and assessments of data and business process.

16. Land Surveyor

Annual Median Salary: $57,050*

What They Do: They make accurate measurements and establish property boundaries. They supply data pertinent to the shape, gravitation, location, and dimension of land near the earth’s surface for engineering, construction, and other purposes.

15. Forester

Annual Median Salary: $57,980*

What They Do: They oversee public and private forested lands for commercial, recreational, and conservational reasons. The nature of work for this kind of high paying jobs range from doing an inventory of the wood in the area to conserving wildlife habitats.

14. Ice Cream Taster (Food Scientist)

Annual Median Salary: $59,415**

What They Do: They perform a range of duties related to the manufacturing, sampling, and consuming of food.

13. Subway and Streetcar Operators

Annual Median Salary: $62,130*

What They Do: Time to make your dream of becoming a train conductor come true with this certain type of high paying jobs! These modern train operators control subway or elevated suburban trains with no separate locomotive to transport passengers.

12. Multimedia Artists and Animators

Annual Median Salary: $63,630*

What They Do: They create special effects, animations, and other visual images for computer games, movies, and commercials using computers or other electronic equipment.

11. Agents of Artists, Performers, and Athletes

Annual Median Salary: $64,200*

What They Do: Who do you think handles celebrities’ business nitty-gritty? These guys with high paying jobs do. They represent and promote actors, singers, and athletes in negotiating with current and potential employers.

High Paying Jobs That Concentrates on the Use of Intellect

10. Commercial and Industrial Designers

Annual Median Salary: $64,620*

What They Do: They design and develop manufactured products like, cars, appliances, and children’s toys.

9. Packaging Engineer

Annual Median Salary: $65,795**

What They Do: High paying jobs of this nature collaborate with others in researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing of packaging materials.

8. Postmaster and Mail Superintendent

Annual Median Salary: $65,800*

What They Do: They organize, manage, and coordinate operational, administrative, and support services of a U.S. post office.

7. Funeral Service Manager

Annual Median Salary: $68,870*

What They Do: Thinking of feeding your fascination with the dead while making money? This member of high paying jobs is what you’re looking for. They’re in charge of planning and coordinating the services of funeral homes.

6. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Annual Median Salary: $78,620*

What They Do: They build, install, restore, and maintain electric or hydraulic freight or passenger elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters.

5. Environmental Manager

Annual Median Salary: $78,648**

What They Do: Another example of high paying jobs that needs years of study and experience, these people develop, execute, and observe environmental strategies, policies, and programs that advocate sustainable development.

4. Art Director

Annual Median Salary: $85,610*

What They Do: They are responsible for the development of images and designs in magazines, newspapers, packaging, and media productions.

3. Nurse Midwives

Annual Median Salary: $96,970*

What They Do: Also referred to as Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (ARPNs), this certain type of healthcare professionals with high paying jobs provide primary and specialty health care.

2. Astronomer

Annual Median Salary: $105,410*

What They Do: They explain, classify, discuss, and offer explanations about the universe using applied physics and mathematical formulas.

1. Air Traffic Controller

Annual Median Salary: $122,340*

What They Do: They direct air and ground traffic. Alerting pilots of obstructions in their paths and rerouting airborne aircrafts are part of their jobs.

There is a variety of jobs that can bring in much more money than what most people expect. You simply have to know which one will suit you best.

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Image Source: pexels.com