Certified Resume Writers: 5 Red Flags to Spot in Suspicious Resume Writing Services

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Your dedication to find a job or kick-start your career isn’t a guarantee you’ll land your dream job. There’ll always be roadblocks that will delay you from reaching your goal. For job seekers, the first challenge can be preparing their resume. Resume, as one of the most important tools in highlighting your assets, stirs your chances. Hence, it’s vital to prepare a winning resume to avoid turning your efforts to nothing. Resume writing must fall into your priorities. But, what if you aren’t capable enough to write a winning resume? When should you write your own resume? Is investing in resume writing services worth the price? If so, how would you choose the certified resume writers to revamp your resume?

The need for a competitive resume is becoming more crucial these days. Thus, there is a growing number of writing companies offering help to neophytes, career shifters, and executives. However, aside from writing skills, resume writing requires knowledge of diverse industries. This quality sets certified resume writers apart from other pro writers. Certified resume writers can tailor their clients’ resumes to their target industries and positions. They also understand the current resume trends and tech innovations. So as a consumer, you need to be meticulous to protect your hard-earned money. Good thing, Best 10 Resume Writers shares a list of red flags you must spot before you pick a resume writing company.

Indications You Must Know to Avoid a Resume Writing Scam and Find a Certified Resume Writers Instead

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Unkempt Website

This era changed the way of marketing. Unless you’re using old marketing strategies, social media presence plays an important role now. Thus, if you are looking for a resume writing company, make sure to check the website. Observe how it responds to queries and updates its contents. Also, social media presence should be in your list. As technology advances, most industries use digital media and revamping their online marketing strategies. So, if your potential resume writing company has an unkempt website and suspicious online presence, go find a new one.


Certification is a strong indication of the legitimacy of a certified resume writers company. Do a little research of the certifications a reputable resume writing company must have for your safety. However, there are also resume writing companies that don’t post their certifications online. To check, you can call these companies to inquire about their credentials.

Bargain Prices

Indeed, cheap prices for commodities and services are tempting. But, a resume writing company that claims to provide high-quality resumes, cover letters, and other job-hunting tools with surprisingly cheap prices seems sketchy. We have listed fairly priced resume writing services in our review site that can help you find affordable, quality writing services. Hiring certified resume writers can cost you a little; however, it’s an investment that can guarantee your career growth.

Lack of Resume Samples

Another thing you should spot in a suspicious resume writing company is the lack of resume samples. Certified resume writers post their resume samples to attract more clients. Besides, it’s an indication that the company or the resume writer is legit and can write a winning resume. So, if you’re looking at a website with minimal and mediocre samples, it’s probably sketchy.

Shady Process

Last, stay away from a resume writing company with a flimsy process. Remember that you deserve a customer service that will answer your queries. Hence, if you often converse with automated answering systems, it looks like a sketchy scheme. You’ll know when a company gives a genuine service and follows a consistent system flow.

You can use many ways to check if a company that claims to have certified resume writers is legit. Aside from spotting these five indications of a suspicious resume writing company, you can check review sites that offer unbiased views. Also, read reviews and recommendations to help you choose the right one. Visit Best 10 Resume Writers for accurate results to help you find perfect resume writing services.

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