Top Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Resume Writers

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Example of hands of inexperienced resume writers

Inexperienced resume writers often overlook resume writing principles, which hiring managers are very keen about. As defined by the Human Resource department, a resume is a marketing profile that contains vital and precise information about the applicant or job candidate.

Whenever hiring managers observe resume mistakes like informal e-mail addresses with sexual or racial references written all over it, they immediately throw the resume or shred it into pieces.

Inexperienced resume writers are the bottom feeders of today’s job application hurdle. These people do not know what they are talking about nor do they have direction when writing their personal portfolios.

Here are some, sometimes laughable, top fumbles made by inexperienced resume writers waded by hiring managers:

Audaciously adds e-mail addresses referring to something sensitive

First time resume writers are forgiven; however, seasoned workforce veterans must never try to include e-mail addresses that connotes sexual, racial, or religious tendencies. Hiring managers want formal e-mail addresses and applicants must strictly comply.

Includes an exhaustive list of ‘close friends’ as professional references

Inexperienced resume writers include friends as potential sources of professional recommendation to hiring managers. Of course, these people will think of you as a qualified candidate for the job. Just make sure your friends do not apply in the same company that you are trying to impress.

Writes a congested amount of social media accounts

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Multiply accounts are an inexperienced resume writers’ deathtrap. Never include links pointing to your social media accounts, because hiring managers are not in the mood to ‘Like’ something in the middle of the screening process.

Uses swirly, curvy, and bouncy fonts

If you come in at the interview with your hair bouncing with vigor, then you have a chance. If you submit a resume with curls of text explaining your qualification, then the hiring manager just stabbed you in the back. Use conventional fonts.

Sensationalize what seems to be improbable

Hiring managers know when an applicant is telling the truth. “Forcefully motivated employees to rigorously finish their job with flying colors” may raise an eyebrow. Powerful and precise statements work, but lies trembling with fictitious achievements wont.

A family tree and autobiography

Finally, resumes that introduce the applicant’s family tree and 20 plus year journey will never make it. Inexperienced resume writers exhibit their foolishness through such lengthy and exasperating personal introductions.

Allan Shelton holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a regular magazine contributor on career development.

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