How to Improve Yourself Following a Job Interview

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Waiting after a job interview is harder than everybody thinks of—wretched hours of staring at the phone and checking your email; doggone days of doing nothing but to watch TV; nearly losing your sanity after thinking and rethinking of what has gotten wrong with your answers to hiring personnel’s questions. Not everybody knows it has a name: post-interview anxiety.

Five Things to Do After a Job Interview

Since everything written here is not just for you to ditch your anxiety while waiting after a job interview but also to increase and improve yourself, there are three promises you have to keep before you follow the tips below: first off, do these as a means of keeping your passion alive, and not just merely making you competitive for the job market; second, stop thinking about the salary, as it follows soon after; and last, always believe that there are far more productive things to do than staying at home and checking your mail every now and then.
If you’re ready to open yourself for another adventure, here’s your list of what to do while waiting after a job interview:

1. Join organizations

Go out and look for an established professional organization that can widen your network and broaden your knowledge in your field of expertise. It’s not just passing time after a job interview, it’s also a way of rekindling your passion for the work you do. Participate actively and make a lot of friends. Who knows you may come across with somebody who is looking for exactly what you have to offer. The best thing about joining organizations is not just that you are able to learn continuously, you will also be able to exchange ideas with people of the same interests.

2. Attend seminars – not only after a job interview

Attending seminars is second best after entering a professional circle. As this activity is not just done only after a job interview, it also keeps you updated, interested, and enthusiastic about the field you’re in. The most sought after professional is the one who keeps his mind open to possibilities and innovations. Waiting for a call after an interview cannot do that, so does being employed.

3. Try a new hobby

Hobbies may not have anything to do with your professional identity, however, maybe even after a job interview, it gives you the break you most needed. Waiting can stress you without noticing. Hobbies will build your confidence and it adds up to your talents. Having fun boosts your creative energy and keeps you interested in life. Go dust-up that old guitar, or thrill over extreme sports, whichever makes you happy. At the end of it all, it’s not making for a living that counts; it’s living a life.

4. Look for more opportunities

No matter how perfect fit is the job posting, don’t stop looking after a job interview. Instead, keep on searching for other opportunities. Your prospective employers are doing the same too. Prove your worth. Believe that if ever your application gets rejected, it’s their loss and not yours. Be open to other employers, the more applications you pass, the greater your hope is and the greater the probability of finding the best employer for you.

5. Exercise

Stretching some bones and muscles will relieve you from all the physical and emotional distress of waiting for a call after a job interview.  Breathing some fresh air and keeping on track with your physique is more important than any job. Good health will not only make you feel good about life; it will also make you appreciate more of what you have despite on what is missing. Love yourself and the career you want will follow. Whenever you’re stuck on the game of job hunting, always remember that there are few more important things than having a job.

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