Arguments on Resume Distribution Services

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Man deciding if he will hire resume distribution services or not while looking at his laptop
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The Nay Side

Who would believe that with a meager amount of less than a hundred bucks, you can now get in touch with a million prospective employers out there?

The sweet offers of resume distribution services may have put your feet in the clouds, but have you ever thought of how many will respond back to unsolicited e-mails? Brood, I for one get rid of pesky advertisements that bulk my inbox without reading them. Guess that’s what our jaded HRs will be doing to your resume after receiving it in a bulk mail. And you know it has a name: it’s called junk mailing.

The solution is plain: send the resume to job hunting web sites all by yourself. It costs you nothing, and at least you know what’s really going on in your application. Visit employers personally, attend seminars to widen your network, socialize with strangers, and hell, even cold call. The point is that you get noticed even just for a second, not deleted forever without being read. You’ll be surprised that you’ll get more responses from these seemingly futile attempts than by paying to include your application in some cheapo’s bulk e-mail. Every jobless schmuck can do and possibly did that already.

Don’t bite off fancy services impulsively. The job market has no place for simpletons.

The Nod Side

So you think that going door-to-door or site-to-site all by yourself will do you better?

No, resume distribution services is not business made in heaven, they don’t have control over the economy and employer preferences. So don’t hurl at the messenger if the receiver dumps you. The point here is, you pay for disseminating your application to a large number of prospective employers, but the results still depend on what you’ve written on it and how you project yourself as an applicant.

And another point – hiring personnel are no Nazis to simply butt out e-mails if they don’t need you now or if they don’t feel like reading on. At best, they will put you on the top list right away. At the very least, they will keep you for future needs for manpower with the same qualifications as you have.

If you haven’t known for long what leverage can do to your job hunt, then you might be missing out the boat. It is an obvious fact that the more people see your self-advertisement, the more likely it is that you will find the job that will best suit your qualifications.

Don’t waste a whole day trying to pass your file to just a few employers, while some others are sending theirs to a very diverse pool of job directories and employers. Maybe a hundred bucks or less is a bargain for your precious time. Don’t sweat out the small stuff and put all your efforts in making an ideal job candidate out of yourself.

But still, do your thing. Resume distribution services should be used as a tool, not to be relied on as a magic potion to employment.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels