Helpful Job Application Resume Sample Tips to Ace Your Job Hunt

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Job applications have become more advanced. Ever since the advent of online job search, the process has become simpler for HR professionals to sort out the bad egg from the good noodle. Today, resumes need not enter a certain portal for shortlisting reasons. In fact, job seekers don’t really need to tire themselves in visiting the office they want or dream of becoming part of. Most especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work and hiring have since become part of the new normal. Hence, you need to follow certain online job search rules to ensure your success.

Of course, since the process of sending resumes or cover letters has become much simpler, it doesn’t mean that you won’t abide by the rules, or ‘netiquettes’ set by the firm and the job hunt site. There are core ethics that a job seeker should follow as this simple act could land them a job interview. Having these said, we’ll list the top tips on how to write a job application resume sample and how you should make your online job search more worthwhile.

How to Pick the Right Resume Format

As you start writing your resume, you must gauge what type suits you best. This way, you can write an outline and learn what kind of details you need to include.

Further, these are the main resume formats you can consider:

  • Reverse chronological – used to list your most recent work experience, working your way backwards
  • Skills-based (functional) – best to list your skills suited to the job you’re applying for, most especially if you lack ample work experience or you’re looking to make a career change
  • Hybrid (combination) – great choice for those who have a diverse skill set and notable work experience already (a format merging the first two)
  • Targeted – used to detail only your related experiences in line with your target job, and downplaying your unrelated earlier job posts

Now, which one should you use? Often, job seekers choose the first one. Most HR managers and hiring teams are used to this format. Also, using this is best for you if you already have considerable work history. Otherwise, choose the other 2 options if you’re a career shifter, a fresh graduate, or a student.

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What You Should State in Your Job Application Resume Sample

Writing a resume isn’t something you should overlook as this is crucial in letting recruiters notice your online job application. With that, here are the things you need to include in your resume and how you should write each section:

Resume Objectives

Keep it to one sentence. Usually shown at the beginning of a profile, the aim of the objective is to inform your future employer of your career goals. Be specific about your skills. If you have strong communication skills, state it; if you’re an esteemed leader, say it. When it comes to the job title, be careful not to be too specific unless you’re sure you know what you want to do. Better yet, tailor the job title to each job role you’re applying for.

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Alongside the objective, your profile serves as your intro. It tells the reader your strongest qualities and what you can offer to the company. Furthermore, it’s most useful for a resume to have a profile that contains anywhere from three to six bullet points.

Professional Accomplishments

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! If you were a core member behind a large merger, it should be on your job application resume. If you’ve achieved or exceeded your sales quota, this is where it should be. However, let us caution you: Don’t confuse professional feats with job duties. You were required to perform your job duties; even though you may think those duties were extra crucial, it may not be considered an achievement.

Work Experience

Often, it should be in chronological order. It should contain the employer’s name (unless it’s confidential), the years of employment, job title, and job descriptions. Also, it isn’t a report, it isn’t a summary, and it isn’t a paragraph. Rather, it’s a description. The best advice we can give you is to review as many samples as you can.

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Education and Professional Training

If you’ve authored 50 various articles or publications, you should put them on a separate sheet. On your resume itself, write “Additional articles or publications available upon request.” If you have more feats that you can count on both hands and feet, the same rule applies.

Based on the extent of your education and professional training, these can usually be grouped together. If you’ve taken a gazillion ongoing education and management or sales training courses, you don’t have to list all of them. You may include a statement such as “Selected List” or similar verbiage.

Page Length

Keep your resume to 2 pages max as much as possible. This is to avoid putting useless details and instead focus on the more vital ones targeted to the role you’re aiming to land.

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Job Application Mistakes by Job Seekers

A good job application resume sample takes note of some of the most common job application mistakes; all of which may lead to a bad impression and cost the job post. Right off the bat, these mistakes are:

1. No Cover Letter or—Worse—One That Only Has Few Short Lines

Cover letters give the hiring managers some insight into one’s traits and work ethic. Thus, don’t just create one for the sake of having one!

2. Sending Your Resume Through Email Without a Writing on the Body of the Email

Perhaps among the top mistakes that should be obvious to the job seeker is to send a copy of your resume just as an attachment, without bothering to write anything on the body of the email. Instead, introduce yourself and try to give details that could interest them to schedule you for interview. For example, show them hard numbers that produced results.

3. Not Customizing Your Job Application Tools to the Job Description

What’s one surefire way to leave your future employer turned off at you? When you submit a generic job application resume and cover letter. Did you just copy and paste off that thing from a past job application? What’s worse was when you had left the cover letter addressed to the last place you applied to.

One way to avoid these is to tailor your letter to the hiring manager with a specific name. It shows your effort and that you care about how you come across. State in your cover letter the details you have researched to show you did your homework on the company to which you are applying.

4. Obvious Spelling and Grammar Errors

While some recruiters and hiring managers forgive the missing punctuation as well as one or two spelling errors, you must not spell a word wrong throughout your resume. Begin by checking your resume to ensure there are no errors in spelling or grammar. When you have spelling mistakes, they can be indicative of lack of professionalism on your part.

Give it one more look over, just to be sure! Check for details that would give off that unprofessional vibe in your resume. Hence, remove a headshot picture on the resume (especially unprofessional ones). Unless you’re an actor or a model, don’t do it. Another one you should avoid is to send your resume from your current work email. Use your personal one instead.

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Job Application Resume: Additional Pointers

Moreover, here’s what you can do in sending a resume through email:

  • Create a professional email account
  • Plan what to write on your subject lines
  • Label your job search files

Now that you know the ins and outs of writing a job application resume sample, you’re now ready to jumpstart your job search. You may check out our best resume builder list to write your own.

However, you don’t have to go through the tedious process when you can leave it to the pros! What better way to have your well-written online job search tools done than to hire a certified resume writer! Choose from our best resume writing services list and see which best fits your needs.