5 Best Resume Builders to Ease Your Job Search—and Give It a Professional Makeover

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Since the hiring process has changed in today’s employment market, an increasing number of job seekers and employers are at odds. This serves as a reminder that if you’re looking for a job, you should adapt your search to what companies are looking for. However, the first step in every job hunt is to create a resume.

Don’t have an idea how to make a resume? Here is a list of best resume builder sites. These are available to use or you can create your own resume through resume builder online. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write a resume. There is a resume optimizer that examines your resume and suggests changes to improve the quality of your content.

Rounding Out the Best Resume Builder to Use

Not sure which builder is the best for your needs? We’ve rounded up a list of the finest resume-building services including applications and websites. These also include advice, templates, and even on-site pros to assist with resume writing to catch the attention of potential employers.

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Best Free Resume Templates

A unique, professional layout might attract the attention of a recruiter. Therefore, always consider the layout of your resume and then the content. You not only get to build your resume for free; you also receive access to sample resumes that you may use for inspiration. In line with this, you may check the list of resume writing services firms with the best resume templates.


1. Resume Professional Writers

RPW listed as one of the best resume builder
5 Best Resume Builders to Ease Your Job Search—and Give It a Professional Makeover 1

Resume Professional Writers has successfully delivered on its promises for more than 20 years. Their resume writing criteria, which are based on the best interests of their clients, will get every job seeker hired. Listing down successes is a chore for a job seeker and takes up a lot of time. This firm’s resume specialists know how to match a client’s credentials with a large database of employment opportunities in this situation.

The need for keyword-optimized resumes has risen as most firms now use applicant tracking systems (ATS). To guarantee that their customers’ resumes are highly marketable, their writers create ATS-resume templates, tailoring each document to the target field precisely. They also provide a free resume review service to assist applicants in tailoring their applications to their desired position.

Best Affordable Resume Builder


2. Resume Now

homepage of Resume Now

No matter how qualified you are, if you can’t translate your skills and experience on a resume, your job search may not land you a job. If that is the case, using a resume builder can help you get better results from your efforts. Looking for the best resume builder to create a resume with ease? Try Resume Now. They specialize in creating job-winning resumes which contains industry-specific keywords. This may catch the attention of hiring managers and accelerate your job search.

Along with the resume builder feature, you can also keep up with the latest job search trends and tips by reading their informative blogs. Leveraging these resources can help you land your target job and advance your career.

Best LinkedIn Resume Builder


3. LinkedIn Resume Builder

LinkedIn Resume Builder page
5 Best Resume Builders to Ease Your Job Search—and Give It a Professional Makeover 2

Creating a resume may be a daunting task, but with a premium LinkedIn membership, you’ll have access to the Resume Builder tool, which will allow you to turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume quickly and effortlessly. Skills, certificates, accolades, and honors can all be added. You can also have access to smart tips.

They’re providing career advice on how to write a resume. It’s essential to have an updated LinkedIn as it can serve as your resume when connecting with potential employers and ease your job search. So, to easily turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume, use the Resume Builder tool.

Best Website Experience


4. VisualCV

homepage of Visual CV
5 Best Resume Builders to Ease Your Job Search—and Give It a Professional Makeover 3

Some job seekers provide every detail on their resumes yet leave information off their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn, on the other hand, isn’t a backup plan; it needs to have the same information about work experience, skills, and education.

Remember that hiring managers and recruiters don’t simply look for applicants on websites; they also utilize LinkedIn to do so. As a result, it’s critical to handle your LinkedIn page similarly to your resume. So, if you’re looking for a LinkedIn or resume editor, VisualCV can help you get the most accurate LinkedIn profile.

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Best Professional Resume Template


5. Resume Prime

homepage of Resume Prime
5 Best Resume Builders to Ease Your Job Search—and Give It a Professional Makeover 4

Are you a professional who has considered both short- and long-term career objectives? Does one of them include updating your resume? Actual objectives are steps toward achieving a better final result. Thus, Resume Prime will steer your professional objectives to the appropriate road and take you to your desired destination.

This resume writing company also provides resume writing services for a variety of sectors. There are resume customization for students and entry-level workers, as well as professionals and mid-career workers, executives, and government and military personnel. Just download your resume that is pre-written for the job application and get called for an interview.

On Choosing the Best Resume Builders

Your resume is the first thing people see when they meet you, and it represents you to potential employers. It’s a combination of a pitch, an application, and a work history in one document. Because it is so crucial to getting employed, it must be flawless. This includes the presentation format you select for your data.

It might be difficult to pull together a well-structured and comprehensive resume. That said; you may just utilize a resume builder. You won’t have to put your work, blood, and tears into your resume if you use a good resume maker. All you have to do is sign up, and the program will take care of the rest. The resume builder you use will most likely be determined by your needs.

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What to Include on Your Resume

The skills part of your resume demonstrates to employers that you have the skills needed to succeed in the position. Employers frequently pay close attention to the skills part of your resume when deciding whether or not you should advance to the next stage of the recruiting process.

Think of your skills as the key to the door of opportunities. Therefore, employers are looking to hire employees who have the right mix of two different types of skills: soft skills and hard skills. Hard skills are competencies that are specialized to a certain job or sector. On the other hand, soft skills are abilities that may be used in any profession.

Consider your prior experiences if you’re not sure which talents you wish to impart. What areas did you succeed in? Where do your peers think you’re particularly skilled? Here are several ways for determining the skills to put on resume.

1. Take note of career anecdotes.

Many businesses use ATS to collect, scan, sort, and rate resumes in order to restrict applicant pools to the most suitable individuals. As a result, you must personalize your resume and cover letter by using keywords and phrases that correspond to the job description. Incorporate achievements and keywords on your resume.

2. Ask professional feedback from colleagues.

Others can sometimes assist you in identifying strengths that you may not be aware of. Contact a previous boss or coworkers who worked closely with you. If you’re new to the workforce, reach out to former students, instructors who know you well, or someone you regard as a mentor.

3. Review the job description and learn more about the firm.

Even if you have many areas of strength, just list those that are relevant to the position. When evaluating resumes, recruiters frequently have limited time, so it’s ideal to keep your skills section focused and succinct.

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Resume Builder: Pointers to Consider Before Setting Off

The most essential thing to keep in mind is to choose skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying for; and even more importantly, skills that your employer highly values. After you’ve selected the skills to highlight, double-check that the overall content of your resume matches the experience and skills you’ve chosen with your job application.

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Highlighting skills, a well-written profile summary will allow recruiters to quickly review your resume. It will also improve your chances of being employed after they realize how well you suit the job description.

Before you try to figure out if your resume will pass the ATS readability test, be sure you’re following the best practices in resume writing. In today’s market, your resume must be able to compete with the finest online resumes being reviewed by hiring managers. If you’re having trouble looking for job opportunities, a resume writer can help you find work faster and with less stress. If you want assistance, we have reviewed hundreds of the best resume builders and firms available online.