10 Best Resume Writing Services in Washington DC to Hire this 2023

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The crisis brought by the pandemic sparked significant global political, economic, and even personal transformation. Now that the US employment market continues to stabilize and we move toward a post-pandemic world, job seekers can be hopeful for career opportunities. Having that said, revamping a resume should be given importance. If you want to get ahead, rely on the best resume writing services in Washington DC.

In today’s world, looking for—and landing—a job can be very stressful. What’s more is that it can be challenging to know how to effectively market yourself to potential employers. Your resume helps in leaving a positive first impression on a potential employer. Thus, you want to put your best foot forward when writing your resume.

This is why using a professional resume writing service may prove helpful when you’re looking for work. It’s always a good idea to review your resume and consider how you can make it stronger, regardless of whether you’re a new graduate, looking to change careers, or in an unfortunate circumstance of having just lost your job.

The 10 Best Resume Writing Services in Washington DC

As part of the job search process, resume writing is a tedious work that requires time and industry knowledge. So, to alleviate the stress coming from lack of knowledge of writing per se, it’s best to hire a resume writing services in Washington DC. Every provider has certified resume writers with expertise in beating the ATS. Plus, the best resume writing service companies will assist you in revamping your resume within business days’ work.


1. Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writers hero section

Resume Professional Writers is a provider of the best resume writing services in Washington DC that pairs you with a resume writing expert to design your resume from scratch. Once you’ve availed of their resume writing services, working with them is easy. You’ll complete a brief questionnaire and arrange a phone session with a resume specialist to talk about your experience, job search, and career goals.

Over the years, Resume Professional Writers’ career experts and writers have experience in various industries and professions. If you are looking for resume examples for your industry, you can browse through their samples geared toward specific job positions.

Perks: This resume writing service is one of the pioneers in the industry. Hence, the hundreds of resumes they’ve written have guaranteed interviews to their clients.

Fails: If you are a client who is available on weekends and would like a follow-up, they aren’t available during weekends.

Delivery Time: The fastest turnaround time is 1 business day for the Premium package, while the Basic package has turnaround time of four (4) business days.

Price Range: $125-$485

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.3 on Trustpilot

Resume Professional Writers trustpilot reviews resume writing services in washington dc

2. Your Next Jump

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The recruitment industry offers great opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to help individuals with their career trajectory, job search, and achieving goals for professional growth by providing job guides. In line with this, Your Next Jump is a provider of resume writing services in Washington DC that delivers the best coaching and resume writing founded by Timothy Lo and his friend back in 2000.

The company focuses on helping their clients in making the next jump to their career. No matter where you are in your progress, they make sure to provide you with job search tools that properly highlight your qualifications.

Perks: Next Jump’s market lies in Federal and military transition. Also, they provide outplacement assistance. Looking for specific consulting company within these fields? Surely, they’re a good fit.

Fails: Since they have a market for their services, some job seekers may take their resume writing approach in a different light.

Delivery Time: There is no turnaround time indicated on their website.

Price Range: $399-$1599

Contact: To avail their services, you must answer and submit a contact form through initiate service link.

Reviews: 70 Reviews on Yelp

your next jump yelp review resume writing service in washington dc

3. YES Career Coaching and Resume Writing Services

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Working your way up the career ladder will undoubtedly enhance your quality of life. There are many different reasons why someone would want to succeed. Keeping this mind, YES Career Coaching and Resume Writing Services has helped thousands of entry-level and associates in building their dream career. If you’re thinking about changing careers, this provider of best resume writing services in Washington DC can help you find the perfect career.

Perks: With a job seeker having many decisions to make, YES Career Coaching and Resume Writing Services offers more than one package to choose from.

Fails: If you want to get started in just a few clicks, you might not want to pursue this resume writing service despite their career coaching services.

Delivery Time: Need to book a consultation to get the full details of the chosen package.

Price Range: $299-$548

Contact: (202) 740-3032

Reviews: 46 Reviews on Yelp

yes writing yelp review resume writing services in washington dc

4. Resume Prime

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Resume Prime has built a reputation as one of the top resume writing services in Washington DC. CEOs and executives should use the service since it constantly produces resumes that are tailored to the specific industries of its clients.

The majority of customer evaluations for the business are positive, which suggests that the business offers its clients high-quality services. Resume Prime’s resume writers know how to establish their clients as subject matter experts.

Perks: Their customer service is exceptional. You can call their writers and for inquiries, they provide live chat support on their website.

Fails: Their lead time of three (3) business days is not as fast as those of other companies.

Delivery Time: Three (3) business days.

Price Range: $190-$330

Contact: 1 (888) 846-9272

Reviews: 3.6 on Trustpilot

resume prime customer review resume writing services in washington dc

5. Audit Resume

auditresume for resume writing rervices
10 Best Resume Writing Services in Washington DC to Hire this 2023 1

Audit Resume is a reputable provider of resume writing services. They produce excellent resumes that set job seekers like you apart from the competition. In addition, they have expertise in developing resumes for entry-level positions, academic CVs, federal jobs, mid-career jobs, career changes, and technical jobs that can help you obtain more interviews and be hired faster.

Perks: You’ll receive a more professional, personalized, and ATS-ready resume that works in today’s hiring environment.

Fails: Their service packages only offer a few number of inclusions, and the number of modifications they make to your resume depends on the packages you choose (1-3 revisions)

Delivery Time: Receive your new resume in editable format within two (2) to six (6) business days depending on the package you avail.

Price Range: $145 to $395

Contact: 1(647) 249-0698

Reviews: 4.9 on Google Business Profile


6. JM Advisory Services, LLC

jm advisory hero section

Does your resume clearly state what you offer, or is it just a record of your job history? Your resume is meaningless if hiring managers don’t understand who you are, what you do, and why they need you right now. A one-of-a-kind resume writing services in Washington DC founded by a former director of Human Resources for a Federal agency, JM Advisory Services, LLC lives by this exact tenet.

Perks: The founder is your resume writer; this is a benefit since you will collaborate closely to talk about your unique circumstances and preferences through a free consultation.

Fails: Since the founder is a one-man team, the pile of resumes she will be writing might take time before it will be delivered to clients.

Delivery Time: You will discuss the details of the project through free consultation.

Price Range: Upon consultation.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 703.999.6692


jm advisory services yelp review resume writing services in washington dc

7. Resume Valley

resume valley hero section

When putting up a job application, paying for professional resume writing services in Washington DC is a logical strategy to save time and effort. One solution is to work with a resume writer to prepare your resume for you if you’re short on time or just want to make the job search process simpler.

These services are not all created equal, though. Some service providers offer resume writing at less expensive cost without sacrificing quality. Resume Valley is one of those trusted providers of resume writing services in Washington DC. Offering resume services starting at $99, Resume Valley has consistently brought amazing career outcomes for job seekers in a variety of sectors. These include healthcare, education, and information technology.

Perks: They have low service rates and custom job application tools.

Fails: If you are seeking a career change, Resume Valley does not provide assistance with job search. However, Resume Valley provides a LinkedIn profile writing service to help you be visible on LinkedIn job search.

Delivery Time: 5-business days

Price Range: $99 for all resume writing services and $69 on LinkedIn profile writing service.

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377

Reviews: 4.0 in Trustpilot

resume valley truspilot review resume writing services in washington dc

8. The Career Strategy Group

the career strategy hero section

You came to the right service provider of best resume writing services in Washington DC if you are an HR executive searching for outplacement help. Or if you’re a job seeker who ready to find a job they love, avail of this firm’s services. On the other hand, if you’re a manager looking for training solutions that are both interesting and educational they have a coaching service.

Perks: The Career Strategy Group offers cutting-edge career, job search, and resume writing solutions to executives and provides career coaching to entry-level job seekers.

Fails: Their resume writing service packages are not visible on their website. This might be a challenge to clients who prefer to know what they are expecting to pay.

Delivery Time: Not indicated on their website.

Price Range: Not indicated on their website.

Contact: A contact form must be submitted.

Reviews: 5 Stars | Client Testimonial

the career strategy client testimonial resume writing services in washington dc

9. Resume Your Way

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Resume Your Way is a provider of best resume writing services in Washington DC for any business and professional level. These include senior-level executive, a mid-career professional, an entry-level applicant, and a member of the military. Plus, they offer career coaching.

All of their career experts are professionals in their fields from almost every industry and have held or now hold an executive position at Fortune 500 firms. The career strategies to target the ideal market and command the greatest compensation values have been determined by their trained career coaches.

Perks: An expert will assess your resume and provide a section-by-section critique in a customized evaluation. This way, you can share insights on what to add in your resume.

Fails: Their resume writing services are quite pricey. If you want to get what you’ve paid for, surely, they craft each resume designed for a specific purpose.

Delivery Time: 24 to 72 hours turnaround time depending on the package.

Price Range: For the civilian packages, $109-$499; for federal packages, $399-$999.

Contact: Toll Free: (877) 940-2220 | DC Metro: (571) 455-7775

Reviews: 4 Reviews on Yelp

resume your way yelp reviews resume writing services in washington dc

10. CareerLaunch

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Career Launch Pro’s strategy is based on the idea that work is best done in collaboration with the client, not for them. Their collaborative approach is what sets them apart from other providers of resume writing services in Washington DC. They believe that together with their clients, recruiters will take the resume as written by their clients.

Their resume writers analyze job postings for hard and soft skill keywords. Plus, they use an internal ATS tool to know how to adapt the content of your professional resume for the job postings.

Perks: Communicate with their expert resume writers to choose the appropriate style of formatting for the content of your resume.

Fails: They have too many packages that may confuse their clients on what is best for them. Plus, every package differs in price. Before you can avail their services, you have to fill in the form provided.

Delivery Time: Not indicated on their website.

Price Range: For early career package, $195-$345. Experienced package, $295-$445. Other packages are indicated on their website.

Contact: (703) 988-4151

Reviews: Client Testimonial

career launch client testimonial resume writing services in washington dc

Listing the Best Resume Services in Washington DC this 2023—and Beyond

When searching for the top resume writing services in Washington DC, keep in mind that companies write resumes with a higher level of responsibility and professionalism. Their writers will represent your qualifications and professional attributes through proper resume format, wordings, and resume skills section that will surely help you land your dream job.

In addition to their persuasive language and formatting skills, professional resume writers can research and identify keywords and phrases relevant to the job posting. If you are employing the assistance of a resume writing service, you may update your resume at any time with multiple edits and modifications. This is a great benefit after receiving the initial draft.

In all, when you choose a skilled resume-writing company, your resume will stand apart the most from the general resumes checked by hiring managers. Get started with the best resume writing service providers today.